How to get a thread in the Pit?

Undoubtedly, the Pit is where, as Americans would say, it’s at. One of my threads (now closed) started life in Mindless and Pointless, and frankly I was pretty disappointed. I know I’ll never be Eve-esque in terms of eliciting responses, but one of the things that motivates me after a year here is to start threads that get a lot of responses and a lot of views. I’m competitive like that. Sad, pathetic even, but true. Then it gets moved to the Pit and ratings go through the roof.

So what is it with Pit dwellers? Do they take turn in shifts? Do they mail each other when some fresh meat is flung their way from other forums? Do they sleep? And here’s a challenge for you. Get this in the Pit by the time I clock in for work tomorrow (that’s 8pm CST). You got a whole working day. Child’s play for you guys. Get to it.

I’ll get the ball rolling: Womans can’t drive!

slinks away to avoid being clubbed

This thread ain’t going to the pit, that’s for sure.

Closed maybe, but not the pit.

Moderator’s Note: If you want to get a thread in the Pit, start a thread in the Pit. One which meets these guidelines.