How to get broken glass off books and papers

A lamp fell and broke and got broken porcelain (from the lamp shade) and broken glass (from the incandescent light bulb) on a pile of papers, books, and magazines I had on the floor. How do I remove the glass off them?

Pick up the papers/books/magazines, take them to the trash can and tilt them? I don’t know that I understand your question. The glass isn’t going to stick to the paper.

Yes the glass is sticking to them, especially to the papers. The light bulb glass is very small.

The tiny little dust like pieces can stick to just about anything and still manage to cut or get under your skin.

You might try sweeping them with a little soft bristled wisk type broom (the kind that often comes with a dust pan) or try wiping the papers with a dry rag.

Take them (carefully) outside and blow them off with a can of air.

Vacuum with a brush attachment.

If the stuff is actually sticky, throw it out, that’s gross.

This. A clean dry paint brush works best. I carry one on my belt for just that reason.

I think the OP means “sticky” in terms of static electricity, not in terms of some kind of spooge that leaked from the lamp.

Go to a hardware or paint store and buy a tack cloth. Blot the papers and books with that. The glass particles should stick to the cloth without leaving residue on the paper.

He said spooge. Huh huh huh.

Post/username win.

Have you called 911?

Post/Username…actual job.

Post/Username…actual job.

OP, you can trust Glazer, he’s a glazier.

Lint roller.

I have heard you can use white bread to remove glass particles, would it work on papers?

pressing lightly with the sticky side of duct tape (wrap some sticky side out around fingers or some object).

Why don’t you just try it, it’s not going to hurt anything.

I need to know if white bread will work on papers because I cant really see the glass but can feel it when it cuts me.

Likewise, a bar of soap will help you pick up small glass fragments. When the bar is full, slice off the shard riddled soap with a knife and begin again. If this isn’t save for the papers, then we’re kinda out of luck, after you’ve also tried bread. I get from the context that there are tiny glass shards, millions of them, all over papers and books of significant value to you. And the tiny shards are irritating. ANd you haven’t mentioned that you have hemophilia or a compromised immune system, but I suppose its possible. However – sweep, brush, vacuum, discard unneded papers, blow with compressed air, wash with soap and water non-porous surfaces, grab with bread or soap. After all that, how much risk remains for the typical adult?