How to get Firefox to stop asking if I want to update

I don’t care to update at this time, and the constant question asking me to is annoying as all get out. I have version 63.0; the only options I can find are “Automatically install updates” and “Check for updates but let you choose to install them.” Online articles say go to the toolbar and click on “Tools” or the “Firefox” button to select “Never check for updates” but there are no such buttons on the toolbar. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of the damn “do you want to update now” messages short of actually updating?

You can’t do it from anything in the menu, but you should be able to do it by changing local policies. This works for me in 64.0:

Whatever folder Firefox.exe is in (see via “Properties”), create a subfolder called “distribution”.

Create a text file with the following text:

  "policies": {
    "DisableAppUpdate": true

Rename the file to “policies.json” and save it in the “distribution” folder above.

Restart Firefox. You should be able to confirm that it works, as the Firefox update option will now appear as “Updates disabled by your system administrator”.

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