How to get kicked out of Kmart

I found this while browsing around on Flickr:

How to get kicked out of Kmart


A very funny urban legend. Definitely worth a chuckle! Someone typed out all that and put it on Flickr?


Clearly a fabrication, but brilliant just the same. Reminds me of those olde tyme text files that used to float around the BBSes listing practical jokes to play in department stores.

Damn, I wish someone had tried that when I was working there! Some entertainment, at least.

They did a pretty good job faking it. I googled the store phone number in the lower right hand corner and it came up as Kmart in Reno, NV. Another bored Kmart employee, perhaps?

My hero!!

Too bad it’s not real. I’ve done similar things when I got bored waiting for the wife. Nothing harmful, just funny. Like unscrewing the “Clearance” signs on the top of the racks so the next person moving something on the rack makes the sign fall off.
The good old days.

How to get kicked out of Wal-Mart

Funny how these things go around for years. I saw that reported in a news paper as if it really happened not too long ago.