Wal-Mart security measures

Wal-Mart is the only store I’ve ever been in where, after you check out, you have to show your receipt to a guy at the door before leaving! And he looks in your cart to make sure it matches!

Jeez, how tightassed are these guys?! It’s fucking insulting! Look, guys, do you even know the first thing about retail? You’re supposed to treat your employees like shit, not your customers!

That seems to be SOP for the various “warehouse club” places like Costco or BJ’s.

The people at fault here are the thieves, who target Wal-Mart like no store before or since.

What happens if you just keep walking? I knew what I was getting myself in for at Costco and would let them check, but I can’t imagine putting up with that at a shithole like Walmart. I don’t stop when the security alarm beeps as classy places like Best Buy, but would the Walmart people tackle you or what?

Well, I never had to deal with it at K-mart or Target (Wal-Mart’s nearest analogues/competitors).

Best Buy does the same thing. About 4 months ago I was there to get a memory card for the camera and left trailing a woman that bought a TV. As leaving she was really giving an inordinate amount of attitude to the girl asking to see the receipt. I guess it never occured to the woman that a TV could be loaded into a cart and trucked out without actually going through a checkout. A minor incident that corps have noticed, hence, checking the receipts.

Standing behind her, I in my friendly way, spoke just loud enough “Show the Goddamn receipt, I don’t have time for your shit.”

Had I been single, I think the employee would have accepted a dinner invite.

Some people place a little too much expectation on the rest of the world knowing how great they are.

. . . I guess management should be proud of that, in a way . . . Maybe even use it in their advertising . . .

One time at BestBuy, my hubbie and I were buying a bog ol TV. To get 18 months same as cash, we had to go over a certain amount, so we bought a DVD player and the first two seasons of the Simpson’s. After he had rung us up, hubby handed me the DVD player and the two seasons, along with the receipt, and asked me to pull the car around for the TV. We did not notice that he failed to ring up the two DVD’s. I was stopped by their door security and they questioned me. They were very nice about it, even before the employee admitted it was their error. However, it was interesting ebcause the store security people came out in force. It was pretty embarassing.

The K-Mart near my house used to have an older man checking receipts at the door. He looked offended if you just walked right past him. Sometimes he yelled at you, but usually just ignored it.

A few months ago I noticed he was no longer there. He’s now the greeter at the new WalMart.

Is this new? I’ve never had this happen when I’ve left a Wal-mart with my purchases.

Checking off the receipt has always been standard procedure at the Sam’s Clubs in my area, though.

What a load of shit. Wal-Mart has every right to try to prevent theft. That’s a smart business decision, not them acting “tightassed.” And if it’s “insulting” to you that they make sure you actually leave the store with only the things that you actually paid for, then you need to get a fucking grip. If having an old guy take a cursory glance at your bags qualifies in your mind as being treated like shit, I have no idea what you’re doing in a Wal-Mart anyway. It’s not Brooks Brothers*. It’s Wal-Mart. Horrible service, cheap stuff. That’s what they do. And I believe that they do know “the first thing about retail.” They do pretty damned well without consulting you.

And of course they check after you pay. That’s how they verify that you actually paid for that DVD player, as opposed to verifying that you are indeed pushing a cart with a DVD player contained within around a Wal-Mart which you may or may not plan on paying for at some time in the future. Sheesh.

The point is, it’s not a cavity search, a background check, or racial profiling. It’s a simple yet effective way to make casual theft a lot harder. And they wouldn’t be doing it if theft wasn’t a big problem. So to reiterate: deal with it or shop somewhere else.

And no for nothing, but I’ve never been to a Wal-Mart that does this, although it’s SOP at the local Circuit City, Best Buy, Sam’s Club, et al.

*or wherever people who are willing to pay more for tube socks in return for better “service” actually shop.


It all depends on your attitude. I usually just walk by and avoid making eye contact and they never hassle me.

Scratch that, it’s actually better if you do make eye contact, and give them a little nod, so they know you’re not avoiding them but just don’t feel like being Gestapo’d upon as you go along your merry way.

The local CompUSA does the same thing.

They sure have a right to place someone there asking to check receipts, but if i’m not in the mood to stop i’ll breeze straight by them.

Dunno. I never shopped at Wal-Mart before, but I just moved into a new place, needing new stuff, and there’s no Target or K-mart nearby.

It’s not a smart business decision if the customers don’t like it and go to Target instead (where available). That would cost them more money than they save on shoplifting.

You mean it could cost more money, but I think it probably won’t. It is a minor annoyance that will cause people to grumble (and based on the number of pit threads we have had on this over the years - a lot of people), but I think it takes a lot more to get someone to stop going their store. People seem to prioritize price, selection, and store location over other factors. Add to that the reinforcement of advertising and it seems unlikely that many will switch. Not to mention that a chunk of the people that don’t like the policy will figure out that they don’t need to stop.

This is a common practice at big stores, BG, not just WalMart. and Fry’s, just to name a few. You need to get out more.

Oops, that was supposed to be: I’ve been checked at BestBuy and Fry’s, to name a few.

So fucking what?

They check the receipts at the door to lower theft, which in turn, lowers prices. Also, as others have said, not only Wal-Mart does this. Frys, at least the one I go to, damned near does a full body cavity search when you are on the way out the door.

To give Wal-Mart props, one night a couple months ago I went to the Wal-Mart and bought food and some other stuff. When putting my stuff in my car I forgot a bag in the cart. I didn’t realize this until I got home. There wasn’t a huge amount of stuff in the bag but I did want the stuff. I went back to Wal-Mart and told someone at the service desk I forgot a bag and asked if anyone turned it in. They said no, then asked for my receipt. I showed it to them and they told me to go pick out what I had in the bag I lost. I picked out the stuff and the lady sent me on my way. It wasn’t much, maybe $15 or $20 worth of stuff, but they let me have it without anything more than asking for a receipt and to see my DL. I was totally shocked. I was just hoping that they found the bag.