Walmart receipt checker foiled!

Yeah, I know this has been discussed before but it made an appearance recently on the Consumerist website. Power to the people! Down with The Man! </sarc>

and it goes on and on and on…

What is the big deal about showing the security person your receipt at the door? It’s simple enough. You just hold it in your hand until you get to the door. It’s not like they’re making you open your purse/manpurse. There’s no personal information you’re at risk of exposing to others. It’s just a receipt. I’d take a receipt checker over those door alarms that go off with false alarms on such regular basis the cashiers usually just ignore them and wave you through anyway. Those are embarrassing. But showing a receipt at the door? I don’t get it.

I honestly don’t know. I don’t have a problem with it either. That guy made it out to be some kind of massive infringement of his inalienable human rights. Like he’s Rosa Parks or something. :rolleyes:

What do they need to see my receipt for? Fuck that, I blow right by them. I have no legal obligation to even acknowledge their existence. If they think I’m stealing somnething, they’re welcome to call the police. I don’t appreciate being treated like a criminal as a paying customer, though and I don’t have time for the hassle.

First thought I had when I started reading that is how the hell is this guy carrying a boxed 37" TV “in both hands”? I bought one of those last year and it just barely fit in a standard shopping cart. It took two of us to lift it into my friend’s car.

And I don’t see the problem with showing a receipt on the way out. I think this guy just likes being a jerk.

For once*, I’m with Dio. Treat me like a customer, not a thief, and it’s not like the real thieves care about this nonsense. I just ignore door checkers and walk out.

  • Not actually the first time

Maybe if they just took the time and got to know the real you…

I did refuse to show my receipt at Walmart one time. I had stopped to pick up one item - a rubbermaid tub. The store was absolutely crammed with people, there were no workers to be found and nothing was set up properly, just shoved in shelves willy nilly.

Then, when I finally made my way to the check out tills, the lines were enormous.

What should have been a 5 minute trip turned into 45 minutes and I was exceptionally crabby by the time I was finally heading to the door.

The door guy said “can I see your receipt?”. And I replied “Do you suspect that I’ve stolen this Rubbermaid Tub?” and he said “No.” So I said “Then no you can’t.”

He said “Ok have a nice day.” And by the time I got to the car I was feeling like a schmuck. But I was just so crabby about the whole thing.

Now I just avoid Walmart whenever I can.

You know, it’s not written down anywhere, but there’s a “don’t be a jerk” rule in real life, too. :wink:

Seriously, I just don’t get this attitude. Someone I know just shared with me that he and his daughter we’re leaving some store and he was asked for a receipt. He got very upset and loud and then tried to turn it into a teaching moment for his kid, spewing much of the same stuff you did. And he’s one of the most level-headed people I know.

Like I said, I just don’t get it. Just show the receipt. What’s the big deal.

Like smiling bandit, I’m with Dio. It’s not a big deal but I don’t don’t like having to stop and fuck with these asshole. How fucking hard would it be for Wallys to come up with a better system that doesn’t require hassling the customer after making their purchases.

As a former (by years, thank the FSM) WM employee who had to fill in on the doors during breaks and stuff…yeah, it’s pointless and silly. But please don’t be rude to them, their jobs suck hard. Trust me. Just keep going.

FloatyGimpy, once we had a thief who got caught heading out with three of those bins stuffed full of clothes. Just what I needed, three bins full of random clothes to sort and put back on top of the regular returns and our horribly messy customers. Yep. Not that you did anything wrong but if I buy something like those I leave the lids off so store personnel can see I didn’t stuff them full of crap. But I don’t buy them at WM, I don’t go into them anymore, three and a half years and counting. It is possible.

SO glad I’m out of retail.

Tell that to Walmart.

I don’t make a scene or grandstand or yell at them or anything. I just walk by them and ignore them.

I don’t like being treated like a criminal. I think it’s insulting and demeaning.

I also hate “pay before you pump” for the same reason.

So, vote with your wallet. Don’t shop there. Works for me.

Poor put upon Dio. The whole world is against him.

He must be a hoot in real life.

No, you have to go there and act like a douchebag towards an innocent sap just doing his job. You’re standing up for your rights, dangnubit!

If the Wal-mart has a de facto monopoly on that particular local good?

I avoid the pay before you pump places too though. It’s an insulting setup designed to increase hassle on anyone not stupid enough to pay the Visa/Mastercard, tax, or risk banker’s fees.

If I could think of ways to give the pay before you pump places negative business I would.

Do you count politely refusing as acting like a douchbag toward that person?

Brit here, with a couple of questions about receipt checking. Do they go through your bags checking off the items? And do they ever discover an error in your favour and give you some money back?

Edited to add: Is it just Walmart that does thsi and do they have prominent signs in the store explaining that your receipt may be checked?

Sheesh, man, I can tell who never worked a joe job in his life. Guys like you that want to stick it to the man, why don’t you stick it to the man instead of some poor schlub trying to get by life on minimum wage. Why you feel so freaking entitled since it ain’t about you? And don’t be so snooty since you’re shopping at Wal Mart instead of Tiffany’s.

Pretty much this. I avoid Walmart as much as I can, especially now. The ones in Anchorage were bad enough, but for some reason, the one closest to me is Jerry Springer ville and any trip there, even for the smallest item is a time-wasting nightmare, not to mention it’s HOT as HELL in there!

I just smile, say no thank you as if I mistakenly thought they were offering help out or something, and walk past them. It’s not the law, it’s a store policy and I’ve even done it at costco. HUGE ‘show your rcpt’ line. No. It’s hot, I’ve already spent an hour in your ridiculous checkouts, so no. That time the other guy (not the rcpt checker, just some random employee), gave me a hard time. And that’s exactly what I told him “is this a law? no? bye”. He probably didn’t like it because my move emboldened others also waiting and they followed suit. Sheesh, they have security cameras right?