How to get rid of an annoying pop-up?

Windows 7, 64 bit, Chrome and IE 11. Okay, I’ve got AVG, Pop-up Popper, Ad Aware and Ad Block. And yet there is this annoying ad that drops down from the top of the screen when browsing. It’s for a flash-player update, but there is no company specified, only a logo that looks like a stylized red V. I don’t want to click on it, even though the virus software would likely kill it if it was malware. I’ve tried clearing the cookies and cache, and it still appears like an unwanted relative. Any ideas as to what this is and how to get rid of it? Thanks again.

Anybody? Looks like it’s something called “Viewster”.

Any web page or selected sites?

Got a URL (web address) of a page that produces it?

It just drops down out of nowhere and wants me to download the software. I’m kinda reluctant to click on it.

It pops down on pretty much any site I go to, but not all the time.

That sounds like a virus.

Yeah, I just found instructions on the web to remove it, so I’ll what I can do with that.

Bought and ran Malwarebytes. Still there. Restoring to an earlier date.

Restoration failed, even after disabling every anti-virus program I could find. I guess I’m just fucked on this.

Have you gone to add/remove programs? Do you see anything suspect?

No, nothing. Of course, some of that stuff I may not recognize as fishy. I followed the instructions on a website to rid myself of this thing: killing add-ons, clearing cache, history, etc., running Malwarebytes (which found 17 problems first time through), reboot. Damn thing is still there. On the restore problem, I deleted ad-aware and and any other freeware (just to get things narrowed down), then disabled AVG, the pop up blocker, the Windows firewall, etc. I still get the same message, that restore can’t access a particular file and that anti-virus software is likely to blame. Sigh. Wonder if I ought to call Geek Squad.

Looks like you have something that is actually installed on your machine. Task manager can be useful for identifying what is actually running. Check processes running before running your browser and check it again after it appears. Not a failsafe method for identification but it might help. You can take a list of everything and do a search to find out which is the culprit.

If you are playing around with the thing, then it is not a bad idea to disconnect the network. Physically unplug the cable and/or turn off wireless networking. It won’t be able to download anything at all. You could try clicking on the download button and see what new processes start up. Find the location of offending files. Then you can begin the process of cleaning with a better idea of what you are cleaning out.

You might try Malwarebytes antirootkit utility. (64 bit version)
ETA: Note that this is a beta version.

Suddenly it’s curiously absent. I’m going to run rootkit just in case, though.

I was wrong, it popped up again this morning. Rootkit found nothing. The task manager doesn’t show anything different when it pops up, just the usual IE or Chrome processes. This is really baffling.