Computer Pop Up

This morning I have a big white box on my screen that says “Fix Common PC Problems Reduce problems with your printer, scanner, sound or network connection”

I can’t find any information about this and a spybot scan shows nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

Grrr - Got it - Damn thing is from AVG - always nagging to make me upgrade.

The free Avast does the same sort of thing, although it does have the good grace to use a small popup down at the RH corner of the screen.

I have the paid for version of AVG and just started getting this popup this morning. What do I do? Is there a way to make it go away? Do I need to contact AVG?

Turn off notifications.

I honestly thought that had worked and was getting ready to send a thank you when it came back.

I clicked on the white box, down in the left bottom corner somewhere and the AVG screen came up. Killed that and the thing went away.

I appreciate that we get it for free, but this kind of thing is annoying and confusing, because the initial box looks just like a scam.

Thanks Bob. I originally clicked the box but nothing happened. When I read your reply I went back and started clicking and it finally went full screen. It is AVG trying to sell more stuff. I closed the window and it has gone away but I don’t know for how long.

Thank you Fear Itself too. I followed your instructions and unticked display system tray notifications. Now, maybe the whole thing will be gone for good.

I have Avast and a way to shut off these notifications is to turn on “Silent/Gaming Mode”

I tried both clicking on the white box (nothing happened) and disabling notifications in AVG. The damn thing’s still there, even after a restart. Any other ideas?

I just had that problem now. I opened AVG to run a whole PC scan. I then noticed that there were 2 AVG tabs open on my desktop taskbar. One of them was the scan, the other was just labelled “AVG” with the quotation marks around it.

I right clicked on the “AVG” tab and clicked the ‘close window’ button. That’s got rid of it for me. Hope it works ok :slight_smile:

You have to click the right place. Keep trying until you find it

Anyone else noticed GWX.EXE in their Processes list. It is apparently to do with the free upgrade to Windows 10. (Get Windows 10)

What’s the consensus here - I wave W7 - should I allow the upgrade or not?

Thank you Monkey 88, your fix worked for me as well… I have to find a way to make AVG stop opening these messages if anyone knows how… please post it…

I think it a small price to pay for an excellent free program.

You’re welcome. Glad it worked :slight_smile:

I have the same problem.

i bought a cheap AVG license key from ebay and it worked fine for a few weeks then a popup showed THIS IS AN IELGAL COPY OF AVG for a few days but now it has been replaced with the white fix computer problems which looks kinda unprofessional

I’m wondering if the white popup is masking the THIS IS AN IELGAL COPY OF AVG to buy the seller more time?

AVG is free - why would you buy it?

The white fix computer problems box does look like a scam but it seems that it is genuine. Just find somewhere to click it that brings up an AVG screen.