How to get rid of wild geese in our pond?

They installed a bunch of 3D coyote decoys where I work. The Canada Geese congregate and poop around them.

I find it amusing how scarecrows/decoys don’t work on crows, but work on most other birds.

So, in other words, sometimes chasing away wild geese can be a wild goose chase!

But I’d be willing to be there are no roadrunners near by.

Wild Geese? I find that they’ll leave just as soon as they get a chance to retake Ireland. Tell them Franz, Duke of Bavaria, has landed.

Shake? What like scramble them?

Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 is probably the most relevant. Note that you can hunt many of these species (certainly not all, and only take Bald Eagle feathers if you’re in the right tribe), provided you have proper state license and it is within legal hunting season. Id the OP’s had wanted to use lethal measures, proximity to urban areas would also be an issue.

Border Collie

Statue/cut-out of a fox, coyote, or wolf, with an attached tail that will move in the wind.

only in season, which is too bad. Geese are assholes and IMO deserve to be eaten.

That’s the nuclear option. Then you’ll need to get border collie-eating gorillas, but they will just freeze to death come wintertime.

Swans are assholes, but everyone (who has never met one in person) thinks they’re beautiful. As for geese, I imagine that in Canada they call them American geese or something, so as to not claim those bastards.

Also, tasty!

Tell me more about these lasers. Are they just as effective at destroying humans?

I remember a TV news segment on a golf course with a large pond infested by Canada Geese. They tried using one Border Collie who had been successful on smaller ponds. This pond was too large, they just swim off to some other end of the pond when the dog came around, wearing him down by the end of the day. But then they got a second one. The dogs figured out the strategy in no time, and as soon as the geese headed off to another part of the pond they found the other collie there waiting for them. It didn’t take long to wear out the geese and they took off for friendlier ponds.

They are foul fowl. Swan killings are common, the perpetrators if caught usually cite being attacked by the swans, face prosecution, and are publicly declared as monsters for killing those beautiful creatures. If they start a defense fund for swan killers I’ll donate some money.

We had a beaver pond behind our house, surrounded by woods, and at some point a pair of geese started coming around and breeding. They returned every year. Our neighbors thought they were cute and fed them. Poop everywhere.

In our case, there was one spot where the geese liked to exit the pond and walk out onto our lawn. I eventually put up some grey plastic netting at that spot, and the geese left and never came back.

Obviously this solution depends on the topography of your pond.

p.s. – They also make motion-activated sprinklers that shoot a jet of water at them. I haven’t tried this, though.

Nuke 'em from orbit - it is teh only way to be sure

(Not serious, but I couldn’t resist)


I would seriously check on the legality of anything you do. I know people have posted internet links, but if you get in trouble saying, “I read it was ok on the internet” never gets you off.

Canadian geese are more annoying than swans. There used to be two swans in a pond next to the building I worked at. Seemed peaceful as can be. I used to go out and eat lunch next to the pond. Then one day the swans see me and FREAK THE HELL OUT! They are coming at me, wide wings, honk-honk-honking. I got out of there. The next day, all is fine. This happened a few more times. Until I realized my green pants/tan shirt combo led them to believe I was the feeding guy. They weren’t freaking the hell out. They were happy to see me!

I also will suggest plywood cutouts of some predatory critter, they are set up around a big pond near the medical center and I haven’t seen a single bird.

Swans may be assholes, but we also have a swan pond in a town (their big claim to fame) and a gigantic human asshole decided to stagger out of a bar at 2 a.m., pick up their eggs and throw them against the fence, against the road, against a building…He was a drunken drugged-out son of a filthy rich local honcho. To avoid being lynched, he was sent to dry out in a rehab. The swans laid a second clutch of eggs. Whoever is in charge of the swans finds the cygnets new homes around the state.

While you are talking about birds, how about peacocks? Are they OK to have around? I know a couple who just moved out to the sticks and are researching the pros and cons of peacocks. All I know is they are noisy noisy birds.

Rule 34.

Seriously, you can hire any one of several Border Collie goose control services. A program I saw on dogs claimed the technique is hugely successful.

Last week my state health dept closed swimming at several lakes. Goose shit had raised the water fecal tests to an unsafe level.

They used fireworks to scare off the geese and added chlorine. I think most of the swimming areas are back open this week.