How to get rid of wild geese in our pond?

We have 12 +/- wild geese that have taken up residence in our pond. They are beautiful and poop everywhere! How can I get them to leave?


  1. Shooting is not legal in this area.
  2. I don’t want to shoot any of them.
  3. Is shooting geese legal anyway?
  4. A humane method is preferred but they have to go regardless.

Explosives, obviously.

Oh, wait, humane? Here in Indianapolis we used to have a pigeon problem, but with a combination of peregrine falcons and loud sound bursts at irregular intervals, we’ve more or less beaten that. Is there any way you could rig up a sound system of sorts to scare them away?

They used to have this problem at work. A golden retriever fixed the problem. He liked to swim and chase them even in the pond. He never caught one, but annoyed them enough that they moved to a quieter area.

There are people with Border Collies and similar dogs who rent them out as goose harassment. But if the geese have babies or are moulting, they can’t/won’t leave anyway, and you’ll have to wait a bit.


Googling “discouraging canada geese” brings up a LOT of stuff :slight_smile:

We have mallards that hang out and nest on our pond. The dogs sometimes chase them, but they just come back. Other than poisoned grain or shooting (which we choose not to do) I don’t know of an easy solution. We accept our situation and my gf feeds them now.

You can try chasing them, but it won’t work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Mallards are OK, but those Canada Geese shit everywhere.

Cover the pond ?

if geese are a problem then someone opening a Rent A Gator business isn’t far behind.

GeesePeace has a program to eliminate resident Canada Geese.

Basically it comes down to a process that you have to follow starting in Spring, which means you may very well be SOL this season.

Step 1 is to locate nesting sites, do not chase the geese away, just locate where they are nesting.

Step 2 is to “oil” the eggs. Work in teams, hold the geese at bay with an umbrella, rub corn oil over all the eggs, repeat if it rains. The eggs that are oiled early and often will not hatch.

If you destroy the nests or destroy the eggs, the geese will nest elsewhere and lay more eggs.

Step 3, before the geese molt, chase them away, lasers and border collies are options. You may have to chase them away multiple times before they stay away. You need to make them decide that your pond is unsafe, a bad place to molt, so they choose to migrate up north to molt in Canada.

Important points. Geese won’t willingly leave goslings, so you can’t really chase them away if there are goslings about. Geese molt, and can’t fly for 8-10 weeks, so it’s pointless to chase them then.

Lasers work great in the short term, to keep them away long term my parent’s community uses a fake wolf that’s positioned near their pond and the geese have never come back.

i was hoping your answer would entail consumption of their livers.

Just curious… is it legal to do this? I thought Canada Geese were federally protected.

I work at an AFB, and we have a *huge *Canada Geese problem here. One thing they do is “shake the eggs,” but they have to get a permit before they’re allowed to do it.

Excellent point. This is generally legal to do.

From this site (New York Based)

Nest and Egg registration Site

If the pond is not overly large, get the solar floating fountains and set a bunch of them afloat in your pond. Bonus points if they do the changing colored light thing:p

[and another plus is that mosquitos do not larva well in ponds with moving fresh water]

Our town used Border Collies for the infestation around the lake in our park.
When I worked in NJ the wife of our general manager was a big goose fan, so no one was allowed to bother the poor geese. Finally one decided to nest right at the front door of the place, and her mate started attacking anyone coming near, so they had to move them. But the lawn, and our cars, were full of goose poop.

Swan Decoys work pretty well. I’ve also seen large pinwheels deployed at the water’s edge.

Haven’t read the links, but a dog would work well. Another possibility is to allow plants - reeds/grass/etc - to grow tall around the pond’s edge. IIRC, the geese do not like that, as they cannot see potential predators.

A local golf course installed cardboard fox decoys around the lake and since then there hasn’t been one goose to be seen. The decoy is all black and planted in the ground with a metal stake that allows it to waver in the wind. From a distance it looks like a real fox! And… you could probably make one yourself.