How to get up in the morning

I always had trouble getting up in the past, because I would shut off my alarm several times without realizing that I did it. Then I put the alarm somewhere else in the room so that I would have to get up to shut it off. But I just hated the beeping. So I tried it with music. After a while, I totally hated the song that was playing.
On Slashdot I read that white noise automatically gets our attention so I set the alarm on my stereo to a frequency on the radio with white noise. Works like a charm. The only time I didn´t get up was when I forgot to set it…
Now I have it especially hard because I have to get up at 5.30. How do you guys do it?

In Maxim Magazine, there’s this little article about things that should be invented. One that sticks out, and one I’m particularly keen on is the Simon alarm clock. It basically works like the electronic Simon from the 80s. The alarm won’t turn off until you get the pattern right. Awesome, huh?

Have a baby. That’ll get you up bright and early every morning. Probably at least a few times every night as well.

Start work at 7AM for 10 years straight and live more than an hour from work. Trust me, you can get used to it.

Put alarm in the kitchen, set on high volume, when you and everyone for 3 miles in every direction is awakened (i have a very loud alarm) you’ll run (funny site, me at 5am running to the kitchen), pull the plug on the alarm (at that time i don’t have the collected brainpower to press the snooze button) and then, before you switch to coffee get a glass of orange juice, you might think it’s weird, but damn… that wakes you up fast, then go to coffee.

Basic Training. Nothing like it to getcha movin’ in the morning! :slight_smile:

These days, I get up early whether I want to or not, and it’s prolly due to bad-ass ole Master Sergeant Burrow gently reminding me where my duty lay that first morning in Hell, aka Lackland Air Force Base.

Although it doesn’t seem to have imprinted all that deeply on Lucretia, so YMMV.

Cats wake me up every morning. They know I’ll give them treats when I’m feeding the dog. And the dog whines in the hallway. He is a little more polite than they are.

Firstly, trouble getting up in the morning is almost always caused by a lack of sleep. I’ve suffered from it for 19 years and am still yet to come up with a good method for getting out of bed in the morning.

One method I will soon experiment with is to sleep with a lemon next to my bed, as well as setting my alarm.

When my alarm goes off, I reach over to turn it off, grab the lemon, and then I take the biggest, meanest bite out of it that I can (skin and all) and then give it a few quick chomps. I am guessing this would work like a charm, but I am yet to have the guts to do it. :wink:

I try to get at least 6 hours of sleep. If I get less, I usually get really sleepy at around 11 when I´m in school. Then I´m somewhere in between the real world and the dreamworld, which is not very good for participation in class.

I find I get up in the morning best when it is the afternoon.
Get a kitten. She will wake you up in the morning and a cat is easier than a baby.

I think we may be overlooking a fundamental flaw in the premise. Instead of asking HOW to get up in the morning, perhaps we should ask WHY to get up in the morning.

Another trick, when you lack the willpower to get up, is to simply put one foot on the floor.

No big deal, you can do that.

Then naturally the rest of your body follows. It’s done before you know it. Then you’re standing there ready to go.

You could do like I do and motivate yourself through the morning. On Monday morning you could say “Soon the day will be over and not long until Thursday” Tuesday the same thing Wednsday “Soon today will be over and tomorrow’s Thursday” and Thursday, “Today will be over soon and Tomorrow’s Friday” and on Friday you could say “Today’s Friday and tomorrow I won’t have to get up at all”. This is assuming, of course, you don’t have to work on Saturday.

Yes, motivation is key. Maybe you could put a little treat on the kitchen table that you can get in the morning. Also, if I think about how crappy my day will be, everything gets worse. So I try to have a positive attitude from the start.

My alarm clock is across the room for this reason. But I’ve gotten to the point where I can cross the room, hit the snooze button, go back to bed and fall asleep again in about one minute. Two or three times.

One thing you could do is put a timer on a light to turn on about 10 minutes before the alarm. The light will help you wake up more easily.

Make your sleeping habits extremely regular. I go to bed around nine every night, and find it rather easy to rise and shine at five in the morning. I allow one day a week to sleep in, but no more. I jog in the mornings, and stretch, too. Pain is good for waking oneself up (ooh, my hamstrings…). If I anticipate a nice morning (and there’ll be plenty where I live for the next few months), I’ll definitely get up and jog. Caffeine is a no-no after my morning hit of coffee. Tea’s okay, occassionally, but I tend to not partake after six.

Willpower is the key, too. Will yourself to be a regular sleeper.

My trick is setting two alarm clocks. I have two different alarm clocks. I set one for when I want to get up (actually, a few minutes before) and one for five minutes later. I have to do this because I can sleepwalk to my alarm clock even if it’s across the room and shut it off without realizing that I have done so and thereby oversleep. Another trick is to (to the extent that it is possible given the location of electric plugs in my room) move the alarm clocks a bit every week or so so that I can’t find them as effectively.

Sometimes I wish I had a kitten.

I actually went jogging sometimes in the morning when I lived in the US. But now school starts so early, it´s still really dark when I get up. So no jogging, but I have to ride to the bus station by bike, the bus ride is about 20 minutes and then I have to walk for another 5 minutes. That gets me going…

Try drinking a large quantity of water before turning in. If that has you up at 4:00 AM, drink a few more glasses before you crawl back into bed.