How to Google search a certain term

Out of curiosity I am trying to do a search of people that have impersonated Rich Little, but no matter how I phrase it all I get back are stories about Rich Little doing impersonations. Any help would be appreciated.

No solutions?

No solution, but anecdotally, I think I heard that the futurama writers had a similar issue when they tried to get a Rich Little impersonator to make a Rich Little/Howard Cosel 3rd lvl joke. They couldn’t find one so they just said screw it and hired Rich Little himself to impersonate Howard Cosel.

I hope you find what you are looking for. I googled the phrase (WITH quotes) “impersonation of Rich Little”, and the third hit led me to this, from The Times, of Shreveport LA, May 16, 1982, page 95:

At that point, Little said the thing that really impresses him most about Reagan is his sense of humor, evidenced by his appreciation of Little’s album, The First Family Rides Again. Reagan even sent the comedian a congratulatory note. “Nixon didn’t have any sense of humor, and Carter smiled at everything,” Little recalled.
Actually, he said, Reagan’s reaction to Little went even further than mere appreciation. For instance, he said, he met the president once and was treated to Ronald Reagan’s impersonation of Rich Little impersonating famous people. “He did impersonations for me,” Little recalled with a bit of awe in his voice. "He did Capote and Stewart It was a weird feeling. I can’t think of another president who would do impersonations.

Summary: Somewhere out there, someone might find a clip of Ronald Reagan impersonating Rich Little.