How to hurry up and stop caring

I’m halfway there, but there are still mundane things that piss me off. I used to get really wound up over stupid things, and I’ve made a concerted effort to stop caring about little stuff that doesn’t really matter.

I’ve made a great improvement over this past couple of months, but some things still rile me up (like computer not working properly…grr makes me angry!) Do any dopers have any tips to help me be well on my way to not giving a damn?


I just take a deep breath and ask myself “Will this matter in five years?” It sort of helps put things in perspective.


Ask yourself :“self can I do anything about this ___” and if you can’t, dont worry about it.

A competent driver already knows that some of the other drivers will act like morons, and takes that into account.

Perhaps you should practive your insensitivity and brutality.

Some thoughts:

  1. Scream at small children.
  2. Laugh aloud at natural disaster causing hundreds or thousands of deaths.
  3. Note the flaws of your best friends, point them out to them with a sneer.
  4. Wear a stopwatch, and bill people by the second for taking up your valuable time.

Strangely, what worked for me was acting like I didn’t give a damn, even when I did. Over time, I found that I got so used to pretending that I didn’t care that I stopped having to pretend. For what good that does you.

Journal and examine why you feel as you do.

When I find yourself getting angry, I ask myself “Has this really changed the quality of my life?” Most of the time the answer is no and I can’t justify my anger.

When I do find myself obsessing about stupid things, letting them play and replay in my mind over and over, I break the loop with a little mantra “Joy, wealth, success.” Repeated several times. Yours can be anything. I just prefer a positive loop to the negative one.

I think about the people I have loved who are dead. Kinda puts things in perspective. Doesn’t cure the problem of caring about them, though.

Porn works for me. :slight_smile: