How to identify textile pattern?

I hope the sewers and crafters out there can help me/ Do any of you have advice on how to identify an unknown textile pattern? It is a remnant I bought 8 years ago or so, probably from Joann’s. Google image search isn’t any help. Any advice?


Can you give us any hints? Type of fabric, content, print, etc.? Is it a cotton, cotton blend, wool, or what? A novelty or a tweed? Denim or chiffon? Silk or synthetic? Boucle or toile or tapestry? Or are you trying to match a print? There are too many variables to identify it without at least a photo.

What are you looking to do with it? If you are hoping to match it to make a dress after 8 years, I think you’re out of luck. I doubt, even if you could identify the manufacturer and style number, that they still make it. Usually the only fabrics Joann’s carries over for that many years would be a general type like a velvet or denim- and even then the dye lot wouldn’t match something so old.

If you just want to find out what that textile is called, you can go to Joann’s and look through their many books until you find something similar. (I’m assuming you have asked the folks working there what it’s called.)

Tell us what you can about the fabric. Link to a photo if possible.

Is Google Goggles of any use?

Hi, thanks for your reply! I definitely didn’t think anyone here would be able to ID it and for sure not from my short post above. I was more looking for the Dope to point me in the right direction of resources - just as I already know that if I had a knitting or yarn question I’d head straight to Ravelry.

I didn’t know Joann has books of old fabrics so that is just the kind of hint I was looking for, thank you! I just want to see if they still have the same pattern because I used it for some couch pillows all those years ago, and they are getting ratty. I’m hoping to find the same textile because I loooooove it.

Google Goggles isn’t any help unfortunately.


I meant the published books that show general examples of fabrics, but upholstery swatches may change less often than dressmaker fabrics so you may get lucky. Also try looking at upholstery fabrics on websites. (I expect that you will have to accept something new, but good luck.)