How to imprint a kiss on a postcard?

It´s a question but I thought I better post it here…

So, some pieces of a friendship have fallen on certain places and now I´ve found myself on a (very, very, veeeeery) long distance romantic relationship with an absolutely wonderful girl.
We have agreed to exchange postcards with our kisses for each other and the girl in question wants to know where I kissed the postcard to kiss the same place (isn´t that romantic? :stuck_out_tongue: )
Now the obvious answer is lipstick, and while I´m as liberal as one can get, that´s just icky and I´d rather hear about other posibilities.

So, great minds unite in the name of love!!!
Give me a hand, would ya?

You can draw the shape of your lips on the postcard and kiss it there and write “Kiss is here” with arrows pointing to the spot.

Ain’t love grand?? :slight_smile:

Aaaawwww. That’s really sweet…

My family indicates hugs and kisses with “XOXOXO”. Why don’t you XO the card and then kiss it there?

You do realize that before you and your girlfriend get the postcards, they’ve been touched by countless people (who may or may not have washed their hands) and been run through countless machines that may not have been cleaned recently?

Send a letter instead. At least the “surface” will be protected by the envelope.

Put on some chapstick or something equally sorta greasy. This will leave a shiny lip shape on the paper. Then get some clear nail polish and paint over the shiny (it’ll stay that way). Voila!

Tell her in advance that it’s “invisible” and that she’ll have to use a match to “bring it out.”

Then suck on a lemon. Kiss the card. Let it dry. Mail it.

(It works for “invisible writing” so I can’t see why it wouldn’t work for a big wet sloppy kiss. Just tell her not to burn up the card.)

Find a kiss-shaped sticker, & attach it.

Simple & clean.

And Phred won’t call you an Abomination. At least, he won’t do that just yet.

Or you could use this.

Of course, then your relationship would be based on deception, but it wouldn’t be the first.

Quite good, quite good; that´s the sort of thing I was looking for.
I´ll have to perform some experiments to see how it works.

As a matter of fact I was planning to send them inside an envelope.

Could work, perhaps some variation of this recipe.

Nah… a sticker doesn´t cut it; and who´s that Phred you talk about and why oh why won´t he call me an Abomination. :wink:

I just did it… hee hee

The method? watercolor pencil smeared on a piece of paper, I wetted my lips and smooched the paper, then I did the same with the postcard. It ended up quite nice although it was a bit hard to do right at first, the watercolor gives a very nice and unique effect, very artisty.
After that I sprayed polyurethanic laquer (hey, no nail polish on the workshop!) on top and smoothed the surface rubbing it with a piece of denim.

I´ll send it tomorrow, I´ll report back reactions from the recipient. :smiley: