How to improve hearing while cycling: Stopping the 'whooshing".

I’ve started cycling again (after many years) and noticed something I never noticed before: It is hard to hear well with the wind rushing around my ears creating that wind tunnel whoosh. Now, if I turn my head left or right (taking my eyes of the road ahead), my hearing is excellent and whoosh is gone.

Maybe now that I am 38 it is more noticable (maybe with age I am more safety conscsious), but I really find myself turning my head to hear things better.

I don’t know anyone who bikes/cycles, and don’t know of any cycling shops 'round these parts (South Jersey, USA).

Is there a trick or some equipment that can help eliminate the ear ‘whoosh’ when my face is facing forward? Am I missing something? Audio cues are very important when biking.

When I last saw a Performance bicycle catalog, they sold a device they said would help. It’s a pair of little plastic flaps that attach to temples of your sunglasses and hang down in front of your ears, like little air dams. It blocks the rushing air, and it acts as a collector for sounds behind you.

I think a stretchy fabric covering that would streamline the head and stop air from swirling into the concavity of the outer ear would fix this. A ski mask, for example (it might be uncomfortable in warm weather but would tell you whether this works).

What about a pair of ear cozies? I’m thinking of microphone covers that block wind noise. Could you make a couple of little fabric pouches that have elastic around the bottom that you snap on your ears? They would protect your ears against sunburn too. I always burnt the tops of my ears when riding…

You could try ear plugs. I wear them on the motorcycle to cut out wind noise. I wear the 25dB type and I still hear better then most other people on the road based on when I respond to emergency vehicles. I can also hear other cars around me so you will not be missing the sounds you need to hear.

Thanks, all. The flap/deflector on the sunglass is something I recall seeing. I never thought of earplugs.

I’ll search on-line for a product like those from cycle shops and report back.