How to keep 4 teenagers occupied and quiet: Minecraft!

Right now we have four teenage boys, 12-15, all lined up on the couch playing Minecraft. This game has amazed me with it’s ability to keep even the squirrelly 14-year old absolutely engaged. :eek: FOR HOURS. He and his brother wouldn’t even FIGHT when they were playing!

The first time we saw them play it together, MrTao left the house for a couple of hours and when he came back and they were on the game, his first question was “They’re STILL playing?” which was also my first thought.

It’s awesome :smiley:

Yeah, it’s awesome, until they’re 25 and living in your basement and spend all their time playing Minecraft instead of looking for employment.

My friends’ kids just got me hooked on Minecraft. I am almost 49.

I’ve started writing stories about it.

See, now there’s the danger: having your parents live in YOUR basement while they play Minecraft all day :smiley: