How to link directly to a post inside a thread?

I used to be able to right-click and post the direct link to a post inside a thread. I have since forgetten how.

Reminders, please?

From the thread FAQ - technical issues - please read this BEFORE posting a question:

Related question: When I go to look for a postid or post a link to a thread or post I want to refer to, I get an URL with that “?s=anungodlylongnumber” embedded in the middle. I know this has something to do with how I have cookies set (and I have not made any changes to how I got this machine, aside from homepage setting). Would someone be so kind as to tell me what I need to change in order to get links without the s= code embedded in them. (Not just “activate your cookies” or some similar comment; I know that; please give me a walkthrough of what to do to “activate my cookies” or “toss my cookies” or whatever the proper term is.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ever been this simple; you must construct the URL manually. However, there are a couple of exceptions. If it’s a post you just made yourself, then when you are “taken to your post”, the URL will be a link to that post directly. You can simply copy it from your address bar.

Polycarp - I see that also sometimes. I just delete the “s=39847329874&” or the “s=&” that appears in the link.

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Before the board upgrade, I distinctly remember it being that simple. You could use one of the live links inside the post box itself to get the result.

Thank you. Still having problems putting that into my mental hardrive. Guess I need to practice some more.

Arghhh…one more.

Got it.

Thank you. Much appreciated.