How to list non-work items on your resume

I’ve been looking for another job for a couple of months now and I’m getting responses to my resume, but unfortunately all of the jobs I’m getting calls for are the equivalent of the job I’m doing now. (Or scammy insurance sales jobs. Seriously, stop calling me Aflac!) I appreciate the companies who are showing interest, but I am not looking to move to the equivalent of my position somewhere else. I want more responsibility, more flexibility, more money, etc. but I don’t have any leadership or supervisory experience on my resume so those calls aren’t coming.

I do, however, have leadership experience that I can’t figure out how to list on my resume. For the last year I’ve been the co-president of a local environmental group in my town. I have a list of things I’ve done in that position and I’d love to put it on my resume, but realistically it isn’t a paid position or even a proper non-profit, it is really more of a community organization. I think putting this on my resume is important but I can’t figure out how or where to list it.

How does one go about listing something like this on a resume?

My resume is divided into sections:
Processional Summary (intro paragraph, list of programming languages and platforms…)
Professional Experience (list of jobs, along with details)
Community Involvement (charity positions, youth coaching, etc)
Education (um…education)

I added the community involvement because it shows the human side of me, and shows a pattern of success - I’ve raised a non-trivial amount of money with events that I’ve been the chair or co-chair for…My team once won a bronze medal at the Junior Olympics…stuff like that.

It sounds similar to what you are trying to do.

I do this as well. Instead of “Community Involvement”, I call mine “Volunteer and Consulting” or something like that (I don’t have it in front of me at the moment). But same idea. I include one or two paid things I did in my spare time in that section as well as the strictly volunteer stuff.

Excellent idea! I’ve never seen a community involvement/volunteer and consulting section on a resume before. I will reorganize a few things so I can make sure this gets listed on my resume. Thanks!

Have you tried using LinkedIn? Their template in setting up your profile could give you an idea on how to build up your resume. Plus it could serve as your online work portfolio which employers can see.