How to make a bong out of any three household items

[sub][Disclaimer] Thea Logica does not advocate the use of any illegal drugs. Any bongs made using the instructions found in this thread are to be used for smoking legal herbs such as tobacco, salvia, lavender flowers, etc.[/Disclaimer][/sub]

What I used:

A globe shaped candle holder that had some old candle wax in the bottom

The cap and glass eyedropper from a dropper bottle

An elbow straw

Some aluminum foil

Wait, that’s more than three. Oh, well.

How I made the bong:

First, I partially melted the wax to get it out of the candle holder by placing the holder in a pot of simmering water. Got the wax out, put it on a plate, then poured melted wax around the edges so I could use it as a plug.

Next, I took the glass eyedropper, took it out of the cap, and poked it through the bulb the wrong way around.

Third, I took the (still soft) wax from the plate and placed it over the opening of the candle holder, pressing it around the edges to form a seal

Fourth, I made holes in the wax just large enough to accomodate the glass eyedropper and elbow straw.

Fifth, I cut the elbow end from the straw, leaving about 1 1/2" below the elbow.

Sixth, I inserted the eyedropper and elbow straw through the holes in the wax

Seventh, I molded several layers of aluminum foil around the eyedropper bottle cap to make a bowl, making sure I left an opening at the bottom of the bowl for, well, you know.

Hey, presto, functioning bong.

Anyone else want to contribute bong-making instructions?

Crush aluminum soda can in the middle. Punch hole in the dent. Punch another small hole in the side of the can for ventilation as needed. Enjoy.

I don’t have any bong-making instructions, but, before this thread gets locked down, on behalf of all UK stoner/dopers I just want to nominate you for your Blue Peter Badge!!!

Tho’ I think you would have a better chance of an award if you had used sticky-backed plastic in the design.

I used an industrial lathe, a mill, and several pounds of brass to make mine, but I’m not going into more detail than that because I’m not real interested in getting banned.

In my college days, there were three words that, when announced as an intention or a solution, would cause an inexplicable outburst of joy among their audience. Those three words were:

Mister Potato Head!

That is all.

Carry on.

haha, i can beat!
Using TWO household items you can make the feared “bucket bong” which has ended more (obviously legal) smoking careers than any other.

Simply cut the bottom off a 2ltr soft drink bottle (so the top where you pour from is at the top and there is a big hole at the bottom) and then put a piece of foil across the top and poke holes in it wiht a pin then simply rest in a bucket of water so the water level is just below the foil cap. Then simply fill the foil cap with your legal smoking mix and hold a flame to the mix whilst lifting the bottle from the water. Smoke will rush into the bottle until it is thick and white at which point you hold the bottle steady, remove the foil cap and inhale the lot.

Miller, just went back and checked the User Agreement, particularly the part about promoting illegal activities.

Last time I checked, the manufacture or sale of water pipes (commonly known as “bongs”) was legal in the U.S. Hell, you can walk into just about any smoke shop here in Vegas and find them prominently displayed in glass cases.

Also, here in Vegas, where we have a pretty high population of Middle Easterners (which means I have no difficulty laying my hands on hummus or baba ganouj when I need it), we actually have a couple of hookah lounges, where they actually serve up flavored tobacco to be smoked in handily provided water pipes.

So, not really worried about anyone getting banned for contributing to this thread.

BTW, I’ve been using mine to smoke this tobacco imported from Egypt that’s blended with molasses. What’s up with that? It doesn’t seem to add anything to the flavor.

(no, it’s really tobacco. I picked it up at a local Middle Eastern Market.)

Any 3 items, huh?

Okay… I choose:


a spiral notebook

a dead cat

wasn’t there an SNL skit about this back in the 80s?

How exactly does the bong (excuse me, water pipe) work, anyway? Despite my many years in college, I never picked up on how it was supposed to enhance the enjoyment of the, ahem, tobacco. Not being a smoker, I never looked into it, myself.

Imagine what you could accomplish if you put that creativity into something useful, like art, music, school…

Here’s a wonderful little design I ran across years ago in a newsgroup. I wish I could give credit to the author, but as far as I could ascertain it was published anonymously.

I actually made this in the mid-90s
Boy does it work…:cool:

The Superbong

I used a $20 bill, a $10 bill and a $5 bill and my bartering skills to get mine.

For the love of god, never use aaslatten’s method.

Did someone say they weren’t?

I don’t know, but your list of items made me chuckle and reminded me of the MacGuyver Smoker, played by Stephen Baldwin in the movie “Half-Baked”:

Putting a flame to aluminum and inhaling the fumes isn’t the safest thing in the world to do. If you’re going to smoke from a homemade device, it’s best to pony up $5 for a bowlpiece to work into your contraption.

Basically, in any bong design, the smoke is somehow pulled through water. This definitely has a cooling effect on the smoke, may or may not have a filtering effect, and is the best way to get really huge inhalations.

copper plumbing line
aluminum foil

  1. Locate a bamboo grove. Find a stalk about as big around as your wrist. Using a bamboo knife or machete, cut it down, then cut a segment approximately 14" long. Make sure that the bottom of the segment is below the joint, so it will remain sealed and watertight.

  2. Clean out the segment. If both ends of the segment are sealed, knock the joint out of one, so it will be open at one end.

  3. Drill a hole about 4" from the bottom. Drill another hole about 8" from the bottom, on the side opposite the lower hole.

  4. Cut a length of copper plumbing line or narrow metal pipe of some sort to a length of about 3" to 6". Insert through the lower hole at an angle; the end of the pipe inside the bamboo should be considerably lower than the protruding end. There should be about two inches of pipe protruding from the bamboo.

  5. Optional: seal or caulk the hole around the pipe with a heat resistant substance.

  6. Make a bowl shape out of the aluminum foil. Using the edge of the foil, mold the bowl onto the end of the pipe in such a way that it will not fall off. Poke a few holes, using a pin, through the foil where it tops the pipe.

Presto. Instant bong. Make a point of keeping your thumb over the rear hole (carburetor) when inhaling through the burning herbs; pop your thumb off the carburetor in order to switch to fresh air.

And there are plenty of localities where bongs, waterpipes, and so forth are illegal as hell. I was under the impression this is what they busted Tommy Chong for, recently.

May or may not have a filtering effect. Come to my place and look at the bong water stains on the carpet, they’ll convince you. Would you drink that stuff?

That’s true, but I think you’ll find that they’re legal in more places than not, especially in major metropolitan areas. Remember that there are also plenty of counties in this country where it’s illegal to sell alcohol. A cursory search reveals head shops in the Reader’s home city of Chicago, and even a hookah bar for tobacco smoking.

AFAIK, there has only been one study on the filtration done by waterpipes:

Considering that this is only one study and it’s sponsered by organizations with an agenda, I said “may or may not.” I mean, obviously something is getting in the water; bongs do get rather nasty. Whether what’s getting in the water is something you do or don’t want in there, however, seems to be up for debate until more research is done.

I have one made from a tall parfait glass, a rubber stopper and a couple of lamp parts.

I’ve never made a bong but have made pipes out of horns. PWS coral (petrified wood) makes beautiful pipes. In a pinch I’ve made a pipe out of stainless steel fittings. The best one was a one-hitter. Took a 1/2 in coupling with a compression fitting on one end and a cap on the other. Drilled a hole in the cap, put in some screens and its about the size of a bic lighter.