How to Make a Doctor's Head Mirror

Cecil, I think you and I need to have a chat about copyright infringement.:dubious::smack:

Unca Cecil (or his staff )will be here soon.

Before that,do you mind telling us what this is all about?

It appears to be about this column:

Why did doctors wear metal disks with holes in them on their heads?

The OP posted a [noparse][/noparse] similar column about the doctor’s head mirror on Jan 2, 2011. Cecil’s original column is dated March 19, 1993.

I agree, there may be some copyright infringement, but it is not Cecil who should be worried.

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Where’s the copyright infringement? Am I missing the substantially similar or identical text? All I see is two articles on the same topic.

Methinks it’s more likely that our OP is trying to drive traffic to his blog. Which worked. :smack:

There is no copyright ownership info on the black-and-white picture of the doctor, which I doubt was taken by the OP.

Ah…didn’t even look at the picture. Thanks!


The boss is interested to know what you’d like to discuss. Other than covering the same subject, the two head mirror columns don’t seem remotely similar, and in any case Cecil’s long preceded yours.

What’s more, the picture from the later article looks nothing like the work of Slug Signorino!

Well played. Veeeeery well played, Quercus! It was pretty obvious that OP was not saying Cecil did the ‘bad’…notice the head-smack icon?!

I don’t see any picture in the Cecil column. Or did it get taken down?

There was no Slug cartoon when I first accessed it either.

I couldn’t understand why something as moronic as “How to make a Doctor’s Head Mirror” was showing up as one of my most popular posts. God knows it is certainly the LAST thing I would have wanted. So I looked more closely, and my counter showed me they were all coming from here. If you bothered to read my article, you will have noticed that I have given a link-back to every possible piece of information I found on the Internet except that which is from my own personal experience. If there had been anything by “Cecil”, INCLUDING THIS ARTICLE, I would have found it and properly attributed it.

I had completely forgotten about my little visit to this website, but PLEASE, do me a favor and for God’s sake stop looking at the damned thing on MY website, it’s totally skewing my numbers, and frankly I’d just take it off if it weren’t for the fact that NOTHING goes away on the Internet, so I might as well not bother. I’m quite sure that the next person that googles my name will come up with THIS COMMENT. Which should be a nice object lesson, but of course that why all of you go by pseudonyms, isn’t it?

I am so confused. There is a link-back to Cecil’s column in your article. It’s in the second paragraph as “direct light”. Goes right to the same page Fear Itself linked to. What was it that prompted your OP? And why do you think the responses here are “virulent”?

So what did you mean in your original comment about copyright infringement? Just who is infringing whom?

By the way, you can expect a big jump in page views now that you have bumped this thread. Everybody is going to want to see what all the kerfluffle is about.

Fear Itself, I’ve delinked the link, and added a comment to your earlier post to try to discourage folks from bothering to visit that site. Thanks for finding it, my Mod Note obviously has no negative impact on you whatsoever, and I hope you’re OK with me adding it to your post.

Meanwhile, I’m going to close this thread since I think whatever the heck was going on has been resolved. Or, at least, become irrelevant.