How to make a drinkable Caesar?

My Caesars taste like ass! I use the Vodka, the Mott’s Clamato juice (I’ve tried normal and spicy), the Worchestershire sauce, a shot of tabasco, I dip the rim of the glass into seasoning salt … EVERYTHING. But they still taste like … well, ass.


Oh - also, is it true that in the States they don’t have such a drink? Only Bloody Marys, which no offense, just don’t cut it for this Canadian chick …

How much Worchestershire sause are you using? Just a quick dash will do ya.
Have you tried a dash of lime juice?
Are you using Celery Salt to rim the glass or something else?

If worse comes to worse, break down and buy the premixed Caesars from the liquor store. They aren’t half bad.

You seem to be doing it right…

Maybe try celery salt and some cracked pepper. And up the tabasco. Horseradish is a good addition, but some people despise it.

The strong flavor of the Clamato can stand up to quite a bit of vodka, maybe you are making it too light?

Ceasars are readily available here in the U.S., but straight tomato juice is more common. I agree with you, though, Clamato is the way to go.

What kind of vodka are you using? Is the Clamato fresh? Are your proportions correct?

From Webtender:

Bloody Caesar

* 1 oz Vodka
* Celery salt
* 1 dash Worcestershire sauce
* 1 dash Tabasco sauce
* Clamato juice
* Salt
* Pepper 

Mixing instructions:

Rim tall glass with celery salt, fill with ice and ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick, straw, and lime.

All that being said, the very concept of a Clamato cocktail frightems me.

Well this may not be exactly what you’re looking for, but it works for me:

-discard Clamato, spices & celery stick;

-pour 6 oz. any fresh Tomato Juice into 8 oz glass;

-add 2 oz. Silent Sam vodka;



I dunno what you’d call it, but IMHO it beats the hell out of any Caesar :slight_smile: