How to make a website think you come from another country

There’s a website that’s causing me trouble because of the country from which I access it. How can you make a website believe that you’re accessing it from another country?

You need to mask your IP address, which you can do directly, or if necessary, via a proxy server. A quick google search should allow you to find what you need.

Or check into a VPN. There are some (slow) free, public ones.

Not sure what country you’re in or what type of content you’re attempting to access, but I would caution (particularly in regard to proxies) that there will be a forensic trail, so if you’re planning on… say, taking out an Iranian nuclear facility or something, be advised.

Although, the Iranian thing seems to have included a healthy dose of obfuscatory gibberish involved to make most of us just scratch our heads. The Homerism “stupid like a fox” comes to mind.

If you use a proxy, don’t try to do anything confidential nature such as online banking.

Nah, nothing James Bondesque. Just trying to watch the BBC channel on Youtube.