How to make good sushi at home

So I’ve tried to make sushi at home a few times because buying it is too expensive for my purse. The sushi was ok but nothing as good as what I get in restaurant. I would love to be able to make good sushi.
What should one know about making sushi?

How do you cook the rice just right?

What equipment will I need? I already have the rolling mats.

What are your favorite sushi types?

You need to find a fish market that has sushi-grade fish. That, and the right type of vinegar for the rice are key. What kind of rice are you using?

It takes practice. Assuming you find the ingredients, you have to develop your rice making skill. A rice cooker works pretty well, but maintaining the right moisture level can still be difficult. Through experimentation you can use your senses to determine when the rice is ready. Making rolls and nigiri take practice also. You can find instructions online, but you still need to practice to develop these skills.

I’ll post my sushi rice recipe when I get home, but my first recommendation is that you should never rush the cooling of the rice. It takes a lot of time, so suhi is not an “let’s make it right now” kinda food.

The other one is simpy have fun. Try simple combinations to get the technique right.

Definitely work on the rice first. And let it stand for quite a while after cooking before you start making your sushi. I usually let it sit in a glass bowl with a damp kitchen towel over the top of the bowl for at least an hour after it is cooked.

You do want it to be sticky, but still have full definition of each individual grain, and when you do prepare your final dish with it, don’t overwork it.

For rolls, you will want to have an extremely sharp knife, and keep a wet dishrag nearby to wipe it off every other cut or so.

You need to use sushi rice or short grain rice like calrose. You’re using the rice vinegar/sugar mixture in the rice, right? Then you cut in in and fan it while its soaking up the mixture. The sushi rice is really important or it won’t taste right. I make veg sushi all the time. I use avocado, fried tofu sticks, cucumber, carrot, etc. It tastes like the real deal.

I found this Sauceome comic pretty interesting (I haven’t tried to make sushi myself but I like reading about it):
Let’s make some sushi
Let’s make some sushi, part 2
Let’s make some sushi, part 3
Let’s make some sushi, epilogue

My gf likes to make sushi but she HATES making rice.

She stops on her way home from work and buys rice from the sushi place we frequent. They fill take out containers and act embarrassed when she offers to pay for it.

I’d like to give this a bump for my own purposes, since I was about to pose a similar question…

I have a date coming over to make sushi on Saturday. I have made sushi rolls three times before (several rolls each time), and even went to a couple-hour-long sushi class (more fun than informative).

I have the same issues as OP, in that it’s just fine but nothing to rave about. And I do understand that sushi making is a skill and art that takes time. Just wondering what I can do to take mine up another step.

Also wondering about some neat but simple recipes…I have done the standbys like California or Philadelphia and will do them again. I also tried a spicy tuna, with fish from the supermarket…which turned out just fine as well. I decided that there’s not really any harm in using it, apart from the fact that gasp it’s not fresh!

There are also variationson the rice ingredients out there…what’s your recommendation? I used jasmine the last time because I read somewhere that it’s fine, but I will happily change that up if it woul dmake a difference.

EEPS! Jasmine rice!? It’s not even short-grain, you can’t use long-grain rice to make sushi! You have to use a short grain rice or it won’t get just the right amount sticky.

You can get frozen cooked eel from a Japanese or generically Asian grocery store. Also the yellow pickled daikon radish. Shrimp, cut into strips or chopped and mixed with spicy sauce (a little mayo+Sriracha hot sauce). I tend to go for cooked ingredients when making at-home sushi. I don’t have the knowledge to select fish of the right quality for eating raw.

And THAT is why I chose to ask here, rather than relying on internets stuff!

I tried at home sushi once.


I will NEVER, EVER complain about the time it takes a skilled chef to prepare sushi when I am dining out.

I was just making basic tuna & crab rolls with some cucumber & avocado, but SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS did it take FOREVER to make !

Google for Catalina Offshore Products. They even have frozen sushi rice if you are so inclined. Their shipping rates are very reasonable.

You got stuck in the ice? :smiley:

Not sushi, exactly, but I once found a recipe for a cold rice sushi salad and made some (all the time thinking, this is going to be a mess). Cold short grain rice, cucumber, shredded carrot, a dressing of rice wine vinegar, soy sauce,wasabi, pickled ginger… It was, somewhat to my surprise, very tasty, though not as much fun to eat as actual sushi. I’ve seen ‘kits’ (seaweed wraps and recipes, for making a kind of sushi-cone) for a make-your-own-sushi-party in the foreign foods section of grocery stores.

My personal experience is that you aren’t going to save much doing it at home. It requires going out and buying a lot of very specialized ingredients, as well as extremely fresh fish. Not to say you shouldn’t do it, but it’s unlikely you’ll see a big cost savings when you could just spend $6 per roll.

Buy good ingredients from a good Asian store. A lot of big chain stores sell the stuff as well but it’s unlikely they have enough turn over, so the ingredients will likely be old and a bit stale. Like I said, this isn’t something you want to try and skimp on. If you buy a bunch of no-name-brand ingredients your sushi will taste like crap.

Buy the sushi grade rice then follow the instructions on the bag (some people add stuff when the rice is cooking, I’ll add a touch of vinegar and a bit of salt). As mentioned above it needs to cool some what slowly while being stirred with a paddle. Mix equal parts* rice vinegar and sugar with a heavy pinch of salt then bring to a boil. When the rice is done put it in a large bowl, drizzle the vinegar over it, then gently fold to combine. You need to do it gently so you don’t squash the rice.

*typically it’s about 1/4 cup vinegar, 1/4 sugar, then anywhere from 1 tsp to 1 tbls salt for two cups of rice. Try this to see if you like it, then you can adjust it for the next time you make it. Each person has their own preference for sweet, sour, or salty.

Once the rice is cool keep it covered with a damp cloth. And don’t try to store this for a couple of days, it gets worse with time.

When it comes time to work with the rice, put a large bowl of water with some vinegar in it. Then keep dipping your hands and tools into the water. The rice is going to be VERY sticky, so you’ll need the right amount of water to keep it from bonding instantly to your hands and knives.

A paddle for folding the rice. A nice long sharp knife. Two cutting boards, one for raw fish the other for everything else.

You’ll need surprisingly little fish. Then grab what ever extras you like: fake crab, those long mushroom things, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo.

That’s about it. Not really that much to it. Put your nori on the mat. When your hands a bit then grab a ball of rice. Flake it over the nori leaving about an inch strip at one end without any rice on it. Lay your fish and ingredients in a line on the other end, then roll. When the bare strip of nori to make it stick. After it’s rolled use the mat to press the roll into your favourite shape, I like triangles. Cut and serve.

Hey guys!

My wife and I attempted to make some sushi the other night, and it came out pretty successful. I make YouTube videos, and so I decided to film it. Video is more funny than informative, but I thought that you guys might like it! I hope so!

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