How to Open a Tower PC?

I have an LG tower PC I wish to open. There is no obvious way the housing comes off, like screws. However, I did find clip-like “prongs” on the bottom which I managed to press inward. From there, it would seem the top should slip off, lifting up from the top. However, nothing is happening. (No, there is no obvious handle that slides to “pop” open one side of the housing - as I have found on another tower PC in my house.) Your thoughts?

I don’t know that model. There may be screws attaching the case to the back panel. Some used to have metal tabs that need to be folded back. There may be screws or clips hidden under labels. There may be button to push in or a little block to push down on the back panel that releases the panel. You may not have found all the clips.

You might need to take the faceplate off first.

A long time ago, I worked for NEC before they retreated to the home islands.

They came out with a screwless case. I was on the nationwide helpdesk, and we quickly determined that it took three hands to open the case.:smack:

What is the exact model number of the computer? Perhaps the user manual is available online. I have seen Dell computers where the case hinged open without ever removing a panel.

Most commonly, the left side panel will slide off or hinge open. Can you take a picture of the back of the unit?

Look for the manual online. There are quite a few ways to open a tower PC. Some manufacturers make the process overly complicated too - usually the ones who make PCs not geared towards knowledgeable users, to discourage them from opening things up to have a poke around inside.

A couple weeks ago I was helping a friend of mine clean out his old apartment, when we found an old tower PC hiding behind a couch. We decided to throw it out, but he wanted to separate the hard disk and throw it in a different dumpster that the rest of the tower. Unfortunately, we had neglected to bring a screwdriver. Our solution was effective, albeit somewhat direct: he picked it up and smashed it as hard has he could on the sidewalk outside, then I peeled off the side panel, dislodged the hard disk with a few well-placed kicked from my Caterpillars, and twisted it out. Voila.

That may not have been the solution the OP was looking for, though.

It might be by the time he’s done.

When all you have is a steel toed boot, everything looks like an old PC.

That may very well be the trick, but now…how is that meant to come off (in one piece)? It is flush with the housing. There must be a slot to engage a screwdriver like a wedge to “pop” the faceplate off, or such? What method(s) have you seen by which to remove the faceplate? Thanks in advance!

I’ve had one that the whole outer case slides back from the face like a sleeve, and another that just the top panel (if the PC were placed laterally to use, so maybe left side?) slid back. If you search YouTube for “how to open a computer” you might find some vids that show how to open different models, maybe one will help you with yours.

Post photos…
Often times the facepate is held on by friction clips, but there might be screws behind the drive bay doors. Look on the bottom and see if there are slots to release the faceplate latches.

There are dozens of different ways internal or flush latches connect and need to be manipulated to open the case on different “easy open” PCs without damaging the clips or the cover. Per Dewey Finn’s request post the model # of the PC and you will get a lot more useful info. re opening it vs people offering up guesses.

As astro said, there are many different ways that computer cases can be attached. What would be most helpful is if you can look up the make and model of this computer and find the user manual, which usually has instructions for removing the case. If you can’t find the user manual online, post the make and model here and I’m sure one of the Teeming Millions would be able to find it for you.