How to pitch a no-hitter while on acid

I just read an article on Dock Ellis and thought some of the other baseball fanatics around here might get a charge out of it.

Didn’t Jim Bouton do that too?


No no-hitter for Bouton, and no acid. Otherwise, you’re fine.

If I had thrown a no-hitter on acid like Ellis, it would have been a long time before I ever pitched again while NOT on acid, I’ll tell you that

True dat.

Great link Chique… thanks for posting.

What an awesome read! Thanks chique.

I’m a life-long Texas Rangers fan. I love the Nolan Ryan / Charlie Hough years.

You gotta love a pitcher who smokes cigarettes between innings.


**The SF Seals[/BB] did a great song about Ellis’ feat on their album Baseball Trilogy.

Highly recommended for baseball and L.S.D. fans.

Chuck Brodsky also has a song about Dock Ellis, as well as a number of other unusual baseball episodes. He sort of downplays the “acid” part of the story, although once you know the background, it becomes a lot more obvious.