How to play 500 bid

My mom has joined a card club, and is looking for the rules to play 500 Bid. She is going to check out a bookstore later this week, but I was wondering if anyone had a decent link to a website that explained the rules.

I’ve tried searching the SDMB archives, but could find nothing mentioned on this game here. And a Google search reveals links to hard copy books (Buy this book here!) and online casino (Play Texas Hold-Em online here!). Any help would be appreciated for this surely minor manner.

Is this the game you mean? (I’ve never heard of 500 Bid, though I do play a mean hand of spades.)

It could very well be. Like I said, it’s for my mom, and I haven’t played the game.
I’ll pass this along to her to see. Thanks!

Yeppers, that’s it. Thanks, Nonsuch.