How to play the game of life....

Thanks for only locking but not deleting these previous threads:

I didn’t actually read your rules. You see I believe that I have a socionics ENTp Einstein-type personality.

I am the author of what I linked to (which I’m not allowed to link to again). But I’ll probably make a website for it in the near future. I claim that I am excreationist.

If anyone has the link to the thread, you’ll notice that excreationist said:
“BTW, I hate copyright so this is public domain. You can even selfishly take the credit for it, but you reap what you sow.”

This means that if the rules to the game of life are true and I’m not the real author then I’ll be punished by what kabbalists call “correction”.

I’ll just copy and paste the first post. Remember that the author (who I claim to be) has released it into the public domain. I can’t link to it, I can only copy and paste it. Or I could rewrite it from scratch if you don’t think it is actually public domain even though the author said it was and never said otherwise.

Could it be that this board is pro-materialism and wants to silence any threats to the materialistic order. Well I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. I’ll see if this thread disappears.

Bad move, sparky.

Boy, you’re not wasting any time claiming conspiracy, are you?

Here’s a tip: if the mods close a thread, opening a new one with the same OP will not get better results.

There’s already a game called The Game of Life.

JohnClay, if you start another thread of this nature and / or post a link to another message board, the staff of the SDMB will be taking your posting privileges under advisement.

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