"LIFE"--the board game

I played this recently with my niece. It really has changed a lot since I had mine back in the early '70’s.

Has anyone played it recently, and which one do you like more?

I liked the old version more.

The new version doesn’t have “Share the Wealth” cards.

You draw your profession and salary separately from two decks of cards.

You automatically start off $40,000 in debt (if you go the college route).


The “Share the Wealth” cards are replaced by some other cards.

No more gambling.

And there are probably more that I can’t remember.

Ebay, here I come!

I noticed the same thing. Basically, the new version is a Politically Correct, wussified version of the old game. All the crap on there about community service, broadening your horizons and the like makes me feel as if I’m playing Chutes and Ladders instead of Life. The old version was much more decadent :wink:

Payday is the same way. Damn new versions…

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Can you still sell off your kids at the end of the game? I always liked getting a station wagon full of brats and selling them off for some cool cash.

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They did the same with the Spirograph too.

Used to be cool! Lotsa rings and worm-like shapes, a slew of different sized circles and ovals, the pins, pens and board you did it all on.

When I boiught it for my step-daughter when I was still married, the new version has a stensil-like cut-out to use as the loops, and only a few circles, and some odd shapes that suck.

Also, no pins! I lived very well with little pin-pricks in my child-like fingers! Damn wussy kids today!


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OH yea…try Operation sometime and be ready for the new “improved”.

First off, wheres the shock? When you hit the sides that thing would make you regret it with a smart shock and a huge BZZZZZTTT!!! Nowadays, bzzz and nothing. Half the fun was laughing at your friends having a heart attack

Oh and who opened the cutouts up? I still remember the funny bone being the bitch and it was nerves of steel to get it out. Now my myopic grandmother could pull it out with a shovel.

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I prefer the old game of Life. I always thought it was funny when I’d get so many kids that I used a second car just to carry them. :slight_smile:

I did get the PlayStation version of Life. It has a version that parallels the new board version, plus one that has a bunch of side games. The latter is pretty fun, as you can really get your estate value up.

Didn’t they change the spinner around too? Small detail, sure, but if you remember the visceral pleasures of the sound and feel of it, you’d miss it too. sigh

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I liked the old one more, but the new one does have it’s charms… the little “goodie” cards you earn on your way are pretty amusing… like when you’re a sports star for your job and you find out you cured cancer and invented a new computer.

I also find it interesting that you can get grandchildren without having children.

How do you like that! And without so much as a “Kiss my foot” or “Have an apple”!

I totally agree that the old version was better. I remember feeling a small twinge of regret if I went w/o having any children. And not just because the other players were forced to pony up a gift.

Of course, it was totally unrealistic. As if EVERYONE automatically gets married and ends up with a ton of dough. The real game of Life should have insurance and lawyers that sue you at every turn. “Car wreck. Other driver sues you for $1m.”

On a related note, have you checked out the re-vamped Fisher Price toys? The geniuses there have re-designed them. The garage is now 3 levels and they’ve done away with the twirly thing that moved your car into a parking space on the top level. I used to play with that garage for hours, making the plastic cars go up the elevator, then whizzzzzz, down the slide. And that thing was undestructable. You could stand on it and it would be intact. You could crush walnuts under the elevator.

Don’t even get me started on plastic tinker toys and cheap lincoln logs! Some things should never be changed.

I haven’t seen the new game but one thing I hated about the old game was that it was always better to go to college.