Odd fallout from gay marriage

I was playing The Game of Life with two of my daughters over the weekend, and my 10 year old declared herself the Keeper of the Pegs. She’d add pegs to your car when you got married or had a kid. In one game, when I reached the wedding spot, she pulled out a blue peg and said “You’re gay today Dad.” Then she and her 12 year old sister giggled a bit and asked “Do you want to be Cam or Mitch?” since the only popular culture married gay couple they’re aware of are from “Modern Family”. They helpfully pointed out that I’m a procedure-oriented uptight worrier like Mitch, but size-wise, I’m much more of a Cam. They finally decided on Cam, and have been calling me “Cam” ever since. So thank you for that, Margaret Marshall.

You could’ve been stuck with Bert or Ernie. Or Stadtler or Waldorf. Or Ace or Gary.

Waldorf isn’t gay - he’s married to Astoria!

Huh, if he was playing the Game of Life, I’m surprised the idea of threesomes wasn’t brought up.

Oh, you mean that Game of Life.

Speaking as a volunteer for Georgia Equality and Marriage Equality USA, and as a straight ally, this makes me very very happy. Good for your daughters - sounds like you’re raising them without exposure to homophobia. So good for you, too!

So, who won the game?

What no Adam and Steve?

Or Adam and Yves…

I thought the story was going to go a different way (insert “pegging” joke here). :smiley:

As an aside, I’ve never understood why you earn money for each child you have at the end of the game – makes it seem like you’re selling them all into slavery or something. :eek:

Or Maverick or Goose.

And they only exist from the waist up!

Income tax refunds?

Especially since the real game of life, it’s pretty much exactly the opposite…

Or Gertrude and Alice.

The 10 year old thankfully.

The newest incarnation of Life changes that. There are certain spaces, including children, where you get “Life cards”. Each of these is a chip with some odd life event, like “Ran a marathon” or “Saved a forest” and a dollar amount ranging from $50,000 to $250,000. You’re not allowed to look at the card until you reach the final space. At the end of the game you add them to your cash amount. I think the intent is to (a) keep the game exciting so the person with the highest salary doesn’t win 90% of the time and (b) make the game not just about money - big life events are turned into a monetary value. Or something.

There are also spaces where the children become the money drains they really are. Like “Annual Checkup - pay $5000 per family member”, or “College! Pay $50,000 per child.” The last one was quite a shocker for a gay couple with 5 adopted children, let me tell you.

Oh, good, I’m not the only one. I started reading the actual OP and thought, “Oh, a couple of little girls? And I thought of THAT?!? Yup, I’m a-goin’ straight to hell.”

Your kids sell you into slavery?

Well, sometimes it feels like that … :smiley:

Your daughter has a great sense of humor!

It’s just not Life without the “Poor Farm” - and the arguments over how much money you need to advance to Millionaire Acres that went with it.