How to pronounce "Twinings"?

The tea company.

Is the first syllable pronounced like “twin” or “twine”?

I’ve always heard it pronounced with a long i, like twine.


sorry, that means nothing to me.

What **silenus **said. Long “I”. If it were a short “I” it would be “Twinnings”.

You just have to remember that the “q” is silent.

Basically, “long i.” /aɪ/ represents the sound that corresponds to to word “I” in English. Same as in “buy,” “die,” “fly,” etc.

“Twine-ings.” According to my mother, my grandmother and the young lady who ran the shop where I used to get my Irish Breakfast Tea.

Stephen Fry pronounced it like this in the adverts. Long I, if you can’t watch.

My mother’s family are Twinings (less famous ones). They all pronounce it with a long I.