How to protect unattended and out of gear car

My neighbor a few doors up has parked her car on the street in front of my house. She has apparently left it out of gear and without using the parking brake as it has rolled into the car in front of it (we are on a steep hill). If the car in front drives off, her car could then roll a good 40 feet, across a cross street and into a parked car on the next block. I pounded on her door but she didn’t answer, so I left a note on her door and put a couple of bricks under her wheels. It’s snowing here, so there’s no point of putting a note on the car. Anything else I can do?

Putting the bricks is a good practical move. If you are out for revenge, then call the police, and they might tow it as being unsafe if it is really in neutral with no parking brake.

(In San Francisco it’s the law that you have to park with wheels turned towards the curb to prevent runaway parked cars. I used to live in DC and they have no such law.)

I think neighbor might need a wellness check. I say call police, not in revenge, just to check on her.

It is a hazard. There might be a person between her car and the cross street. If you can’t get in touch with the owner, call the cops.

Oh, and try to get in touch with the owner of the car that’s currently serving as a parking brake.

I know the owner of the offending vehicle is ok because I spoke to her for the first time immediately after she parked her car. I was shoveling the walk And she introduced herself and asked if DC was going to plow the alley where she normally parks and I said probably not. About 30 minutes later, I noticed her car had rolled forward.

Neither my wife nor I recognize the car in front, it is covered in snow and hasn’t been moved since the snow started yesterday. I’m very reluctant to call the police on a neighbor if it can be avoided. I’ll go bang on her door again and look for whoever gets in the front car to warn him/her.

You could put a big WARNING sign on the driver door of the car in front to let them know. I guess you’d have to put it in a plastic bag or something if everything is covered in snow

Just now I saw the owner of the front car cleaning it and I told her everything I knew and she was going to knock on her door. The owner of the front car recently moved in across the street.

ETA: she said she won’t move it until the other car is secured.


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