Your Car's Rolling, What do you do?

Let’s say hypothetically you park your car on top of a hill which overlooks a currently empty intersection. However, you carelessly forget to put on the parking brake and the car begins to roll down the hill once you have gotten out and are a few feet away. Trying to get into the car and stop it seems dangerous. But letting it go endangers others. What would be the smartest thing to do?

Run to the nearest pay phone and call a lawyer?

A friend had a Fiat that committed suicide. It stalled and died, so he parked it and went to call a friend. When he returned, he discovered that it had rolled itself down the hill onto the railroad tracks and… well, you can guess what happened next.

Rent the movie “The Gods Must Be Crazy” to see how NOT to handle this situation.

Ideally, if another passing motorist realized what was happening, he could possibly get in front of your car and “catch” it with his. Barring that, he might be able to use his car to nudge it over into a ditch or the woods or whatever. In either event, it’s better to damage cars than get people killed.

As far as whether or not to attempt jumping back into the car and stopping it yourself, I suppose it depends on how close you are to it, and how fast it’s going already. Unless you get in front of it, or somehow trip and slide your legs underneath the wheels, it’s probably not dangerous to at least try and catch up to it.

If this happened to me, I would first attempt to get back into the car and stop it. If I couldn’t do that, I’d at least run along the car’s path as fast as I could, gesturing and shouting for people to get out of the way.

Run like hell the other way and say, “Car? What car?”



(1) Try to leap into the car and/or twist the steering wheel, or

(2) Stand agape in frozen horror.

My little Civic rolled away from me backwards, against traffic. I wasn’t there to watch, but it ended up with a fire hydrant smack in the middle of the back, with a pretty hellacious smash. No damage to the hydrant.

I could swear that a woman told me that it actually swapped pait with her car. She was pretty calm, considering.

The car had slipped the brake. I never really figured that out.

Pull out my .40 cal S&W and blow out one of the tires.

Just another reason Booker does not have a handgun :frowning:

Call my mom as she’s never seen a car crash and says she’s love to see one.

frankly, i’d jump in and pull the handbrake… but if it’s way outta my reach or way to fast, there’s nothing i can do already…

This reminds me of something that happened at the local airport.

We were refueling this guy’s Mooney (that’s a type of airplane). The line guy had driven the fuel truck to the fellow’s hangar. Now, normal procedure involves not only setting the brake but also chocking the truck’s wheels - just in case.

This time, no one remembered to chock.

We realized something was wrong when the gas hose got yanked out of the hands of the guy filling up the wing tank.

Yes! The fuel truck was wandering off!

A fuel truck - you know, a rolling tank of gasoline…likely to go >BOOM!< in a big way if it hits something…

We ALL started running after it. The guy who finally caught it was a 68 year old geezer who had had back surgery only two months before - caught up with it, yanked open the door, and jumped up into the cab.

I hope I’m in that great a shape when I’m pushing 70!

Oh, did we tell anyone what happened? Heck no! Just wiped up the spilled gas off the airplane and hangar.

We don’t forget about the wheel chocks anymore.

I almost never leave the car unlocked. So ff the door was locked, the keys already out of reach, and the hill steep, I would begin to curse in a rising tone of voice. Most likely, “Fuck, FUck, FUCk,…”

If I were a few feet away with the keys in my hand I’d go for it. Since I have keyless entry, I can radio ahead to unlock it, so I only have to worry about opening the door.

Chris Luongo, where do YOU live? Under NO circumstances would I try to “save” or divert somebody else’s runaway car with my own, and I can’t imagine ANYBODY “passing by” doing so. My only concern would be to avoid it while not ploughing into something else. My driving philosophy is simple. If I hit something, or something hits me, I lose. I have only lost twice in 25 years, both times when I was at a dead stop and someone hit me.

One time someone was waving at me like crazy & I thought there were nuts then I turned
around & saw the vw bug doing its little creepeth on a steep incline so I jumped in & used
the hand brake.

A friend of mine was in the back seat of a car with his mother when they stopped at a convenience store on a steep hill. Father and sister got out, and the car immediately started to roll away.

My friend began to leap over the seat to pull the emergency brake, but his mother grabbed him and pulled him back, and managed to hold him back for the whole short ride. The car rolled through the parking lot, across two lanes of very busy traffic, through a fence, over some trees, and into a creek over a hundred feet below. Both were slightly injured.

Don’t do that.

Best thing that could have happened. The only good Fiat is a dead Fiat.

One time when I was about fifteen, a car in the driveway was drifting down so I got in & pushed
the clutch & then a relative jumped in & hit the right pedal :slight_smile:

Unless we’re talking about Lux Fiat. :slight_smile:

Then, based on the stories of Fiat owners I have known, there are a lot of good ones out there.

When I was two years old I released the brake in my dads car and it rolled into a fence. So to answer the question, “Your Car’s Rolling, What do you do?”…uhh…don’t leave your two year old in the car unattended and you won’t have to answer the question. :slight_smile:

I saw something like that happen once, I was across the street of a gas station on my way to work and a young woman got out of her truck after she tried to park it.

she got about two steps from the door and the truck rolled down the parking lot into a four lane street during rush hour. The truck got hit, a couple of peoples days were ruined, and everyone walked away.

I wonder how much that kind of thing happens in places like San Francisco…

Oh vanity! You are wearing a tailormade chock and don’t know it. Not right away. The car starts to roll percipitously - you strip as fast as you can, roll up the wad (skivvies intact and as they were if you please), shoes stuffed with socks or each other if time permits and you shove the thing before the front wheel. (that way there are two chances at stopping the loose beast). And don’t just stand there. A hefty push uphill might help the contraption to keep you anonymous to the constabulary, and the car at rest.
Defence rests.