How to remove bad memories from memory foam

or do I just throw it away?

No - the best is to send them via FedEx to Heywood Jablome. I forget his address, so google it.

Portable steam cleaner

Must have been an interesting night. :eek:

Fire. Cleanse it with fire.

You need a comforter, possibly even a king-sized one.

If you flip it over, sometimes the bottom forgets.

Mine was permanently traumatized after I foolishly put a counterpane and a pane over it. What ensued was too savage to describe.

90° turn every 2 months. Makes it forget everything.

The bottom never forgets.

I always choose to pound it out.

I have to use memory foam pillows. Feather ones just get me down.

Clockwise? Counterclockwise? Edgewise? Into the 4th Dimension?

Detail, man, details! Do it wrong and the memories will be INDELIBLY ETCHED. INDELIBLY!

Please keep posting. Actually, a Twitter account may be more suited to these thoughts, but I like the cut of your jibe.

Maybe we should all just sleep on it?

Counter clock even if it isn’t wise. :cool:

The cat would be OK with edgewise but we wouldn’t… :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sleep it off.

To contribute one serious suggestion - I shoot concerts, and I have little sewn “pillows” of memory foam that I put under the legs of my tripods when I’m shooting in locations that have wooden floors, like Chicago’s beloved Schuba’s. If I didn’t have my little memory foam pillows, the tripods and cameras would shake with each bass note.

So, if the OPs memory foam mattress is too stained or smelly to sleep on, consider cutting it into squares for temporary vibration suppression.

I’m afraid her point was that it’s already giving off bad vibes.

Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.