How to Renew My Subscription?

I have my custom title in the place that I see other users have “Charter Member,” so I’m assuming the former is overlaying the latter.

And while I am inordinately fond of my custom title, I, too, mainly want to be financially supporting the SDMB.

If you had a custom title on the old board, you should have a pull down on you user settings that will allow you to choose whether you want [Member/Charter Member] or [Custom Title] to appear.

Aha! That is indeed the case. I don’t know if it defaulted to the custom title or if I found that early on and changed it.

Somebody should create a sticky about how there currently is no way to pay for a subscription and one is being worked on.

Thanks for the info! I had never used the custom title on the old board so I wasn’t sure how it worked here.

This brings up another money making plan. Once this payment stuff is all figured out, just bill all the custom title folks for all the months that they haven’t had to pay their $1 and - boom -profit!

Both here and in the “Site Feedback” forum.

What odds that people will still create new threads to ask about renewals/subscriptions? :smiley:

I too should like to have someone take my money (and preserve my Charter Membership).

This is a very odd business model.

Satisfied Customers: “We’d like to pay please, for services rendered.”

Business management: “Yeah, we’ll get back to you on that.”

I, too, remain concerned about this.


Thank you for stating that outright. I, too, have an annual reminder on my calendar to check in and make sure my membership is up to date, and it came up today.


I had a similar notification come up to renew my membership. didn’t realize the change in the board software also changed that. So I will be watching this thread for updates, I guess.