How to see more Google Image search results?

My job requires a lot of Google image searching, often for very particular requirements, (ie, a picture of a bear, on its hind legs, looking up, with a lake behind him, in a meadow, at dusk). I cant figure out how to see more results beyond page 8. There is only 1 “show more button”, and after clicking it, at the bottom of the results, it’s gone. granted, 1000 or so photos offers a lot of choices, but too often it’s not enough. There are 10’s of thousands more results I’d like to see to find just what I need. How do I get to see them?

add some more search terms to narrow things down?

Go to, and click on settings in the top right corner. Under “number of results” change it to 100 per page. I can see 21 pages of Google Image results at a time.

If I go to Google images and search for “bear”, I have ten pages available in the Gooooooooogle at the bottom. If I click on the “10”, I now have pages 5 to 14 available. See this link. Not sure why you’re only seeing 8 pages.

You can manually select the page in the URL as well, if you’re so incined, or if Google is working differently for you for some reason. Change
to                                                                                          change  |

for example.

ETA: I can only get to page 50. Maybe you have you images per page set higher, and you’re hitting the same total limit.

Yeah, I don’t think my post is going to be helpful. gonzoron’s suggestion is probably your best approach.

You could also go into “Advanced search”, and specify GIF, JPG, PNG, and BMP in four different searches. That will get you to 4,000 images. There are other settings you could add as well.

I suspect you’re also going be looking for images of at least a certain size. There should be links on the left side to filter by size. You probably already knew this, but just in case.