How to send a private message?

I’ve looked all over and can’t figure it out. I can’t even find my own profile. Are these no longer available?

If you click on the user, you should get an option to message them. It’s a little confusing, because the private message looks, on your screen, almost exactly like a post. (except that instead of a “topic” is says who is included in the message.)

That is, click on the user’s avatar. For instance, I clicked on your picture of a chef. Then, you should see, in the upper right of the screen that pops up, a button labeled “message”. Click that.

I see it now. Thanks.

Also you can go to the header click on you avatar then the envelope icon, it brings up your messages, click on the down arrow takes you to new message.

Or click on your avatar go to summary then scroll in that box to messages.

Unless not. You can set in your profile whether you will accept PM’s or not. If you have it set to refuse messages (as some do, even if inadvertently, I learned), then anyone trying to PM you will not even see that button to send a PM.

ETA: Try to send yourself a message. You cannot. Click on your own avatar on some message you posted, and you will see what it looks like: The “Message” button isn’t even there.