How to setup a fax machine?

What do I do to set up my fax machine so that the sending number and location is not transmitted with the fax? Is this possible or are fax machines set to an unchangeable default to transmit the fax number and location of the sender?

Look in the users manual. There will be something on one of the setup menus where you can specify the number and/or message that are displayed on outgoing faxes.

If you don’t have the manual, or can’t find it, try going to the manufacturer’s web site. Many time you’ll be able to find the manual online.

In going thro a manual on the web, it said that transmitting the Fax number and name is required by law. Why is it required by law?

I can prevent my caller id from appearing simply by dialing *67 before the called number. If that is ok with the law then why is it against the law to prevent the fax number from being transmitted?

There are two issues, not sure which one you are talking about. The header of a fax shows the sending phone number and name, but that information manually entered into the fax machine configuration. In that case, see FatBaldGuy’s post.

If you are concerned about allowing your fax number to be sent in caller ID, then see wisernow’s post; there may be something in your user manual that allows you to prefix the outgoing fax number with *67. You can probably even enter it manually each time you send a fax.

I don’t know the answer for a fact but if you send somebody a fax to a conventional fax machine, it actually costs the recipient money, unlike a phone call. The law also prohibits junk faxes, but it’s hard to enforce.

Oh, you’re the OP. I guess that would be, see your own post. :smack:

One of the reasons for the law was that there are too many idiots and careless people who misprogram their fax machines. How would you like being woken up at all hours of the night, day after day, by someone’s fax machine that is going to keep trying to contact the intended recipient until hell freezes over? One way to solve the problem is to buy or borrow a fax machine, hook it up, get the sender’s information from the fax, and contact them.