How to ship a cell phone from Cancun to Canada

My husband and I were just down in Mexico (Playa Del Carmen) for a wedding. When we landed in Calgary, we realized my husband was missing his cell phone. Long story short, it is in the Westjet (airline) lost and found at the Cancun International Airport. After a few days of trying to find people still down there to pick it up on their way through, we were unsuccessful and now need to somehow ship it back.

Westjet is not being helpful at all, only saying things about how difficult it is to ship things to Canada from Mexico. They gave us a FedEx Commercial Invoice to fill out, but no instructions/help along with it. Add to that the fact that we don’t speak fluent Spanish and struggle with talking to someone in Cancun to get help, and we are at a loss.

How can we get this cell phone from Cancun to Canada?

Have you given your local FedEx a call? They should be able to arrange it from this end, they have their own brokers that are used to all this stuff. See if you can talk to one of the brokers directly.

I used to work for airlines before and after 911, this sort of thing was much easier back in the day. Westjet is usually pretty helpful, you would think they could put it in one of their own cargo envelopes, have you fill out the forms remotely and deal with brokerage when it gets home. Might just be a thing with Cancun staff culture.

I have found that DHL Express handles most international shipping issues very well. They are reasonable and they are almost always located where you need them to be.