How to sort out my Mac storage.

I had to sell my iMac which was my main storage for photos and music. At a guess I’d say there was about 600GB there. I have a Time Machine backup of this computer on a hard drive. More recent photos and music are on my Macbook, which is close to full (250GB). Some of this will be an overlap with what’s on Time Machine. What’s my best option to have all this in an accessible place? And more importantly how do I transfer it easily? Many thanks!

I’m not 100% sure if I understand your problem. I think the solution is simple: just hook up an external hard drive and drag and drop. Is there a reason you can’t or haven’t done this?

I don’t know if there’s an automated way to select music and photos, but usually on a mac they’re already stored in the “music” and “photos” folders. You should just be able to drag over those folders.

Buy an SSD/Flash based drive drive that has at least as fast a connection as your macs can support. I went to Best Buy in the summer and bought a 1TB Seagate hard drive for about $60 (on sale).

I did a full back up of about 800 GB in a few hours using USB 2 into my 2015 Powerbook. It sounds like your media files aren’t even close to that so it shouldn’t take much time at all.

Yes your right, I’m being dumb, but thanks for the response that confirms what I finally realised was the obvious way forward!

Great to hear.

BTW - There are “media” hard drives available that will allow you to share media files with all the computers in your home network, so every device has access to the media files.

My local Costco sold them last year. The media drive connects via ethernet or wirelessly and has built in software that allows them to be “seen” by all the devices, so everyone can play their own music or watch movies or photos.

There was a previous thread on it but I’m sure you can also Google. That might be a good option if all you’re putting on is media. They’re more expensive than a regular hard drive and I’m sure there are cheaper ways to do this if you’re tech savvy but I think it’s easy.