How to spin up a Wordpress installation?

We currently host a bunch of independent, Wordpress-based brochureware sites with a 3rd party hosting company and we would like to move that to one of our servers. I am trying to gauge how hard it is to spin up a Wordpress server on, I believe, a CentOS VM. Is there a turnkey solution to getting the server up and running or do we have to install and configure a web server and MySQL instance separately and install Wordpress on that?


Maybe something like the Bitnami stack installer is what you want?

Where it gets really complicated is if you wanted to host multiple Wordpress sites on a single server. You can either set up a lot of MySQL DBs (or at least tables) and set up a lot of Apache vhosts, or maybe you can run a bunch of virtual machines. Bitnami also provides VMs with wordpress:

But you’d probably have to configure the DNS and IP addresses for that whole setup… sounds like hell.

Or maybe use the Wordpress 3.0 “network”/multi-site function: