How to stop someone from sending glurge

I used to be a teacher and a few months ago a former student of mine from 20 years ago got in touch. We exchanges a few pleasant catch-up email and all was fine.
Then it started… the glurge.
She sends and forwards email with pictures of babies, kitten and puppies. She forwards inspirational poems. She forwards chain letters. The one I got today had babies, hearts, a poem and ended with

Whimper… make it stop!

No, you make it stop. :slight_smile: Seriously, just tell her to knock off the cutesy shit (in nicer terms than that).

Have you tried asking her not to forward stuff to you? Unless you use Gmail, you might try telling her that your mailbox has a size limit (this won’t work with Gmail, since so many people know that Gmail doesn’t have such limits). That’s what I did years ago with my relatives who forwarded stuff to me (back when I did have a limited mailbox), and it worked.

ETA: If they don’t stop (and they probably won’t 100%), you can often tell that something is glurge from the message title, or from the long list of email messages at the top of it. You can delete those messages without reading them.

Been in your shoes. I either explain that I do not enjoy reading stuff like that, or I just never reply and they eventually get the idea.

C’mon now, this isn’t that hard.

"Dear so and so,

While I enjoy our correspondence, and I’m glad to be back in touch with you, I’m not really into those chain mail, and picture forward thingies. Could you do me a favor and don’t send them to me, I’d hate to mistakenly delete a message from you thinking it was one of those things since I don’t read them and just delete them. Thanks! "

I used to get a lot of it too. I never responded: ever. I don’t get much, if any anymore.

I hate chain letters and e-mails with a passion. I usually respond and tell the person this straight out, and ask that they never include me again. If they do, then I remind them and threaten to block their e-mails. Never had to go beyond that.

I think one person I spam filtered, then missed some reality based stuff from them. They asked me about it in person later and I responded “I’m sorry, but I spam filtered you because of all the crap you were sending, so let me go look and see if I can find that email.” Shit stopped instantly.

I’ve actually told people to “stop sending me junk mail.” But they were always close friends or family so I was able to joke about it while getting the point across without any feelings getting hurt. I’m not sure how I would handle your situation. Definitely don’t respond to any of those chain mail things though.

In the early days getting glurge was a novelty - I wasn’t getting any mail at all except for spam. Then I made an e-mail buddy and was deluged with prayers, chain letters, etc. and especially teddy bears. Got to the point where I went into a red-tinged rage at the sight of another damn teddy bear, and wished I could tear it apart and stuff it down a storm drain! After a while I stopped responding to her at all, and the stupidity ceased. Then she found me on facebook and now I’m constantly being invited to participate in some kind of sims-like online game, win “prizes” - WTF is all this? I don’t know or care to find out what that game is, sorry.

My cousin sends me, on a daily basis, at least 3-5 photographs of angels, touching stories about God, or requests for prayers.

She’s an atheist-leaning agnostic.


Don’t bother with the nicer bits. Simple and direct works best.

Tell her your computer picked up a virus from something she sent.

I don’t understand people at all. They send e-mails with promises of money, gift certificates, etc. and I send them the Snopes link saying it’s a hoax, and they still send the stuff! “Maybe this time it’s true! It’s worth a try!”

I give up. It’s satisfying enough just to delete them unread, I’ve stopped trying.

I used to get this stuff but it was from my wife’s aunt so I told her to send it to my wife. :slight_smile: Seems like a lot of retired people do this.

Photographs of angels? Boy, I envy your glurge:)

I get glurge second-hand at work, since they’re meant for my boss - but he can’t see, so I have to read them. Unfortunately with the relevant info (from former classmates of his) there’s ungodly (heh) amounts of prayer requests, cutesy little sayings, etc.

I just had to tell people that I do not have time to read any forwarded email, so stop sending it to me. I haven’t had one in two years.

I tried to stop the glurge and now half my relatives won’t speak to me at all.

Oh wait, win win.

Here’s an idea. Open a gmail account. Give the glurge sender the new address and tell them you get a lot of daily e-mail that you need to respond to. So you have two addresses, one for mail that requires a response, and one for the fun stuff that doesn’t need a response. This makes it much easier to promptly find and respond to the urgent e-mail. Then forget the password and never visit the new account again.

Although I kind of like the direct approach better. And I also like the method of passing it over to the wife’s account.

Plead your e-mail volume. Tell her you love hearing from her, but you are overwhelmed by the volume of e-mail you receive, and need her to please take you off of her forwarding list.

Repeat there that you do like hearing from her so that it’s the last idea she walks away with.

And so when you’re ready to quit you’re going to have a field day responding to those things, right?

"Prayer request? I hated that little fucker. I pray he dies in screaming agony!



There’s a flip side to the glurge sender: if you tell him or her to knock off the glurge, they take it personally (demonstrating that they have no concept of the “love thy neighbor” aspect of what they’ve been sending) and stop all email.

You have to decide whether you can convince them you want to see real messages of personal interest but not the phoney stuff.

I had two cousins and an old friend who all three had to be blocked from my Address Book to stop the flow. I decided not hearing from them was worth the trouble of blocking whatever they sent.

Some people are just stupid, and Ron White has a good answer for that.