How to subscribe to a thread without posting (post-update)

I can’t find any buttons to click for subscribing to a thread without posting into it.


It’s under Thread Tools at the top of the thread.

Uh, Achernar, where under Thread Tools? All I see is a link labelled Thread Tools that jumps to the bottom of the page. For example, in this thread, the link I get is the following:

As link:

As text:

Don’t click on the thread tools link, click on the little triangle to its immediate right and you will get a drop-down menu which includes “Subscribe to this thread.”

Hmmm. On my screen, there is no triangle to the right of “Thread Tools”, and there is no drop down menu.

I’m running IE 6.0 under Windows 2000.

Does the “style chooser” have any affect on this? In my user preferences, I have “use forum default” selected, which means I have the “Straight Dope” style of display.

That’s probably it. I hate having all these different skins. Makes it really difficult to tell a user where to look for things.

Using the “–Straight Dope” skin, clicking the triangle and the link under the word “thread” displays the same popup.

Perhaps I wasn’t being clear; I am using the skin you describe, but there is no triangle to click. The link is not under the word thread, the word “thread” is the link.

You mention pop-ups – is there a scripting thing supposed to be going on? I have pop-ups disabled. Let me play with a few things here.

AHA! Okay, I figured it out. Scripting is the culprit.

Apparently the function is only available in a drop down menu that’s implemented in a script. I normally browse with scripting disabled, so it wasn’t visible (nor did it give any sign that I was missing something). I now understand what previous posters were referring to when they talked about the triangle and the drop down menu.

I still prefer, however, to be able to browse around without enabling scripting in my browser, so let me refine my question:

Is there any place I can access the function to subscribe to a thread without needing scripting enabled?

If not, I would like to request that the administration consider adding that function somewhere.

Thanks for your help.

Err, “pop-up” as I used it, is a misnomer. The thing is more of a “drop-down;” it doesn’t open a new browser window. Not that this has anything to do with your question, Tex. The answer to which is: no, there’s no way that I’m aware of to subscribe to a thread without going through either that scripted tool, or the utility in the reply process.

Sorry 'bout that.

The button is just a hyperlink, so if absolutely nothing else, you can just insert the URL manually. For this thread it’s (remove the space): subscription.php?do=addsubscription&t=236438