How to turn Norton Protection Center features on and off

I hate this damn thing. I’ve been through the help documents and to the web site and still can’t figure out how to do even the most basic things.

Norton Protection Center says my computer is At Risk because I don’t have the Advanced Firewall turned on. It says I should turn it on. But I can’t find out how to turn features on and off! The “At Risk” phrase is a link and clicking it opens a window telling me I should turn it on. I have tried left clicking and right clicking and double left clicking on everything I can find in the user interface, but have never found anything that looks like a control to turn the feature on or off. Everything is just a warning or message. Where the hell are the controls?


Is there some reason you must use Norton? Besides being a resource hog, it frequently breaks Windows networking, and in extreme cases, can render your computer unbootable.

In my opinion, it is unfixable. I insist on removing any Norton products completely from any computers that I work on. It is not worth the grief it causes in tracking down every little snafu that it causes.

Remove norton all the way and install AVG or somehting else. Norton is the worst to ever use

I agree. Uninstall that sucker and use AVG, Trend Micro, or…really anything else. Even AVG’s free version is better than Norton, even with it’s annoying updates.

>Is there some reason you must use Norton?
Mmmm. Well, no good reason. I liked the Norton Utilities I got in the mid 80s and still use it on DOS PCs. Whenever I bought this Norton security package, it was the only one on the shelf whose source I recognized. Researching a good replacement keeps getting pushed off until the subscription is almost up, and then there’s no time and so I just re-up.

But I hate the damn thing.

If anybody happens to know where they put the stupid controls, it’d be nice, but you folks are probably right to tell me to stop fooling with it.