How to use Mozilla to read my Email.

I use windows XP, fast computer, slow dial up internet, Inet 2000 ISP, and hotmail email, additionally, I am no computer genius; so how do I set up Mozilla to read my hotmail emails?

There is a little button (second from teh left) that says mail and news groups, if I click on it, a couple of text boxes pop up, where I enter my name and Email Address. Then when I click next I get to choose what kind of incomming server I use (POP or IMAP <<as far as I know that just affects whether the emails download before I read them) then I need the name of my incomming and outgoing server. I don’t know these.

What should I put in those boxes for my hotmail account? Thanks in advance!

IMAP and POP3 are (respectivly), the Internet Message Access Protocol, and Post Office Protocol - this determines how your mail client is gonna download your email. To download email, you set what server type your ISP has, then the server name. Neither of which helps you, 'cause Hotmail is a web-based service only. (IIRC, it uses WebDAV).

Outlook supports downloading of Hotmail mail directly though, and I’m pretty sure you can get webmail->pop3/imap programs to make standard email clients work too. Google says there’s a program called HotPopper, and potentially also Web2pop.