Downloading e-mail on Hotmail

I’d like very much to be able to do this; I just don’t know how. At the place where I use a computer to send or receive e-mail–usually by Netscape–the printer doesn’t really do a good job of picking up the data to print. And I’d like to print or download some e-mail, mostly messages from relatives, so I won’t keep approaching the capacity of my Hotmail account.
Do any Dopers know how to do this? Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

I don’t use netscape so I can’t be specific but you need to set up your mail client to collect e-mail from your hotmail account.

If you have other e-mail accounts and have set those up to run with your mail client you will find it is the same process.

When you download from Hotmail you will still have to go back to the site and delete it there manually.

You can set up Outlook to download e-mail from Hotmail; I think they have info on their website on how to do this. (My husband figured out how to do it, at any rate.) I’m not sure that any e-mail clients other than Outlook (being an MS product) can be configured to download e-mail from your hotmail account.

If you want to make hard copies of the e-mails but printing off the Hotmail website doesn’t work too well, you might want to copy and paste the text into a word document and print that.

You should be able to do it in Netscape if the version you have allows you to use an HTTP type (rather than POP3 or SMTP) account. When you set up a new account (or profile or whatever Netscape calls it), select incoming mail as HTTP and type in as the server. If Netscape can’t do this (and I’d be surprised if it couldn’t), try the latest version of Outlook or Outlook Express - they can, like Nimue said.

I usually do something similar. Only I don’t print it. To much paper and all, and I loose it so easily. I usually cut and paste onto a word document and then just save that.

Thanx :slight_smile: