How to use RUNDLL32 printui.dll to remotely install printers?

So RUNDLL32 printui.dll in theory can be used in a logon script to install a share printer on the network.

I cannot figure out the correct switches and I am hoping on of our techies has done this very useful trick before.

The idea is that share printer is shared of a server and that every user in the office will have the share via without me walking around to every PC in the office.

I have been going through Google looking for suggestions.

Please Help,

I found it:

start \servername*Printer share name*


I use the command-line utilities a lot for printer queue creation and management, they’re quite handy.

If you do a rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /? you’ll get a list of switches you can use.

There are also the various prn*.vbs scripts (in c:\windows\system32) which you can run with a -? switch to see what they can do.

For example I can automate the creation & configuration of a few hundred printer ports, then create the printer queues and install the drivers, then configure the driver settings, all with a couple of little batch files. If you’re interested I’ve got a little “how-to” guide that I wrote up a while back for use by my coworkers.

I would love that how-to guide. My Email is public if you are still willing to Email it to me.

The Start command worked great for our needs. However, I could see future need for more complicated configs.


On the way!

Valgard, if you’re still monitoring this thread, I’m interested, too. Please send it to me at the e-mail address in my profile. Command line commands are cool.

Add one more to that list, if you wouldn’t mind.

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Thanks in advance!