How trustworthy are online pharmacies?

I have been thinking of ordering drugs from an online pharmacy. For example, I note that some offer valium or seconol. How trustworthy are they? How do I know it will not be crap with no active ingredients?

I imagine that one that has been around for several years is probably more likely to be legit.

Also, are there limits? Will they sell me, say 100 valium in one sale?

I live in Canada and I am now researching the legality of importing drugs like this in the mail for personal use. I believe that certain drugs can legally de obtained for personal use if it is a 90-day supply.

Anyhow, that second part I can find out for myself on the Health Canada website. But does anyone out there have any stories or info about on-line pharmacies?

Well that’s a switch. Many of us import drugs ***from ***Canada. And I, for one, have had no problems whatsoever.

Panache, if the online pharmacy you are using is in Canada, that would make things even better for me. Do you have their website or email? You can send it to me at Don’t forget the 8.

Do you have a prescription for 100 valium?

If not, and they offer to sell it to you anyway, does this not raise a red flag to you?

I do not have a prescription. But would their willingness to sell me 100 valium without one necessarily mean I am being taken and that they are sugar pills?

I guess I want to know if there are places that are known to sell bona fide drugs like Valium and Seconal over the Internet to people who have no prescriptions.

And how much trouble can I get into by ordering this way? How illegal is it?

According to the US Drug Enforcement Agency, it is illegal to import controlled drugs (like all the ones you mentioned) without a prescription, or from a pharmacy that is not registered with the US government:

I suggest you read that entire page, it has all the information you need about the laws regarding obtaining controlled substances over the internet.

If you wish to discuss whether online pharmacies deliver quality products in the US and Canada, that’s allowed.

Once you start down the path of asking if you can buy things without a prescription and asking for names of pharmacies, then I shut it down.

Purchasing controlled drugs, whether in Canada or the US, requires a prescription by a physician. Since the OP doesn’t have one, this one is closed.

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