How was this video made?

One minute long Imgur video.

I watched this too many times. How was it done?

WAG, walking in the spot in front of a greenscreen, using reversed video as a background?

I think she is walking backwards and they reverse the video. Watch the way she walks, it’s a little weird. Also filmed in Portland. Cool.

Ahhhh, yes.

Also, when there’s people around, she attracts a little bit of attention right after they pass her (which would be right before they pass her in reality).

The second and sixth segments (on the dock, and in the skybridge) don’t seem to have any other time cues in them to indicate anything’s “backwards”. I wonder why those were included?

Yes, this was the giveaway.

On the dock, do the waves look reversed?

Maybe? Reversed waves don’t actually look all that different from forward waves.

Given that she says she shot it in two days–a rather quick turn around time, I would suspect she just needed the footage. Maybe at least one of them she expected there to be other people there, but there weren’t. But it’s the footage she had.

My guess is she is walking backwards, and she’s doing a really good job (maybe not perfect) of doing it in a way so that it looks pretty normal when the video is reversed. That sounds difficult, so I’m impressed.

Could be, or to keep the confusion/magic of backwards or forwards in all the shots.

Ask Christopher Nolan. He made a whole movie with the same premise.

There is a guy on TikTok who does videos that look like he sits on the floor, starts up his invisible car, and then zooms away. It is another reversed motion video, and he is really good at making it look natural. Apparently he had people guessing for days about how he was making the videos, but he eventually came clean and made some explanatory videos. He got enough attention that there is a Snopes article about him.

Yeah, I read about that recently!

It looks like the very ending part of Weird Al’s Amish Paradise. He even gets the reverse lip synching mostly right.
(Cued if I did it right…)

I didn’t notice, particularly. What I DID notice was a guy using a contraption to blow really large soap bubbles, except they were deflating instead of inflating.