Time Warp

I’m watching the new series Time Warp. Two observations:

  1. Watching stuff in super slow motion is very cool!
    (and the reason I’m posting it here instead of Cafe Society)
  2. Expect a rash of dry ice bombings across America.

The Fuel Girls are way cool!

Mmmmmm… Fuel girls…

IIIII stiiilll thinnnnk thiuusss beelonnnnnnngs iinn Cafeeee…

Way cool show! I loved the popping of the soap bubbles.

My husband started telling me about all the shit he and his buddies blew up when they were in 7th grade. :smiley: He described these blue (cobalt?) crystals or balls or something, add vinegar (or something) and blow it up! Also vinegar and baking soda bombs and rockets. He was a bad boy! :slight_smile:

“Don’t try this at home,” my ass! :smiley:

I watched one episode of the show, and it just seems like an info-mercial for buying a 5000fps video camera. It seems like it’s better suited for a website, a la Will It Blend, rather than a half hour TV show.

Why? They’re essentially MythBusters with slo-mo.

No, it seems forced.

So much of Discovery these days seems to be ‘We caught lightning in a bottle with Mythbusters. Let’s try to recreate that artificially.’ And it doesn’t seem to work.

Honestly, I found the show tedious and not really new. There was little there I hadn’t seen before. If I want to see the effects of high speed motion I don’t want juggling chain saws, I want to see how thins unexpectedly deform under impact or acceleration.

Hell, Mythbusters did it better last night with the way Adam’s face distorted when Jaime slapped him hard. In two seconds with a knock off piece they outperformed Time Warp.

This is not at all what I thought this thread would be about…:frowning:
Time Warp